WWE Extreme Rules Results: Christian vs Alberto Del Rio – World Title Ladder Match

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We see Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez backstage getting ready for the World Title match. Next up is highlights from the Christian and Alberto Del Rio feud.

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio: We go to the ring and Alberto Del Rio is introduced as he drives into the arena. Out next comes Christian to a big pop and we see the World Heavyweight Title hanging above the ring with ladders around it. The bell rings and here we go.

They go at it with Del Rio getting the upperhand early on in the match. Del Rio goes to leave the ring but Christian unloads with shots to the back. Christian comes off the second rope and drops Del Rio. Christian goes out to get a ladder but Del Rio stops him, slamming his head into the apron. Del Rio continues the offense before kicking Christian under the ring to where we can’t see him. Del Rio gets a ladder as Christian slides out from the other side of the ring. Christian runs and dropkicks the ladder into Del Rio. Christian sets a ladder up in the ring now as Del Rio comes in. Christian climbs but Del Rio brings him back to the mat hard.

Del Rio climbs now but Christian pushes the ladder over. Del Rio lands on his feet and kicks Christian to the mat. Del Rio with a dropkick to the head. Del Rio puts the boot to Christian now. Del Rio charges with a ladder but Christian knocks them down. Christian dumps Del Rio out of the ring. Christian picks up a ladder but Del Rio trips him with it. Del Rio pulls Christian to the floor and whips him into the steel steps. Del Rio sets a ladder up between the apron and the announcer’s table. They go at it trading shots. Del Rio tries to suplex Christian on the propped up ladder. Christian counters and tries to slingshot Del Rio under the ladder and into the bottom side of it. Del Rio counters and sends Christian into the corner of the steel steps. Del Rio throws Christian into the ladder but he ducks and slides under it. Christian sets Del Rio on the ladder and climbs to the top rope. Del Rio pushes him off but he lands on his feet on a ladder. Christian leaps off the ladder with a crossbody. Christian goes back in the ring now and climbs for the title. Del Rio runs in and stops him, pulling him down to the mat. Del Rio slams Christian’s head into one of the ladder legs. Del Rio props a ladder up in the corner now and kicks Christian in the head. Christian fights back with right hands. Del Rio turns it back around and goes for the armbreaker but Christian counters. Christian goes for Killswitch but it’s countered. More back and forth until Christian throws Del Rio frontside first into the ladder in the corner.

Christian sends a ladder into Del Rio again and he goes down outside of the ring. Christian sets a ladder up and climbs for the title again. Del Rio comes in with a ladder and throws it at Christian, stopping him from climbing. Del Rio climbs the ladder with Christian and hits an armbreaker combo from half-way up the ladder. Del Rio mounts Christian with right hands. Del Rio works over Christian’s arm now. Del Rio uses a ladder on Christian’s arm and sets a ladder up in the corner. Del Rio rams Christian back into the ladder. He charges with another ladder but Christian moves and Del Rio collides with ladders in the corner. Christian stands up another ladder to retrieve the belt. Del Rio stops him again and ends up on the apron. Christian charges but Del Rio blocks him. Del Rio tries to suplex Christian onto the ladder that’s still between the announcer’s table and the apron. Christian counters and backdrops Del Rio onto a ladder that’s inside the ring. Del Rio kicks Christian from the top, causing him to fall hard on top of a ladder.

Del Rio stomps on Christian and climbs the ladder to get the title. Christian stops him and pushes the ladder over. Del Rio responds with a kick to the head and an elbow drop. Del Rio kicks Christian out of the ring now. Ricardo Rodriguez gives Del Rio a chair. Del Rio puts it around Christian’s arm and tries to push him into the ring post. Christian counters and sends Del Rio into the post. Christian comes in the ring now and the crowd gets hype. Christian calls for a spear and the crowd chants for it. Christian spears Del Rio, paying a tribute to Edge. Christian stands up a ladder and gets ready to go back for the title. Christian climbs but Del Rio pulls his legs from inside the rungs. Christian’s body is stuck in the ladder now. Del Rio climbs the ladder. Christian finally escapes and pushes Del Rio off the ladder and back into the corner. Christian grabs a ladder but Del Rio kicks it into his face. Christian lays on the ladder between the apron and announcer’s table now. Del Rio climbs to the top and goes for an elbow drop. Christian rolls off the ladder and Del Rio lands hard on the ladder.

Christian crawls in the ring and sets up the ladder now as Del Rio tries to recover at ringside. Christian climbs the ladder but Brodus Clay comes out. Christian is hanging from the belt as Clay removes the ladder. Clay takes Christian down from the belt and puts him on his shoulder. Christian counters, slams Brodus into the ladder and knocks him out of the ring. Del Rio comes from behind and lays out Christian. Del Rio applies the armbreaker and Christian taps out but that won’t end the match. Christian rolls out of the ring as Del Rio looks up at his destiny. Del Rio stands a ladder up and climbs it. Edge appears driving a Jeep and honks the horn, distracting Del Rio. Del Rio is knocked by Christian off the ladder, onto the floor and Clay and Rodriguez. Edge runs down to ringside and cheers on Christian. Christian climbs up the ladder to retrieve the belt and win the World Heavyweight Title.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Christian

After the match, Christian poses up high on the ladder as Edge enters the ring and claps. Christian comes down and embraces Edge. Edge and Christian celebrate as we go to replays. Christian poses with the World Title some more as the fans eat it up.

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