WWE Extreme Rules Results: Michael Cole & Jack Swagger vs Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

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We go backstage with Todd Grisham and R-Truth. Truth says it’s a conspiracy that he’s not in the main event tonight or the whole show even. Truth says The Miz, John Cena or John Morrison don’t want him in the match. Truth says Morrison stole his shot. Truth says if there’s one thing he can’t stand, it’s a thief. Truth looks crazy at Todd as we go to the ring.

Country Whipping Match: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole and Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger’s music hits as he makes his way out with partner Michael Cole. Cole is wearing his singlet and headgear but has wrapped himself in bubble wrap so he isn’t hurt by the straps in the match. Cole and Swagger jog around the ring with their straps. Cole takes the mic and talks about how he’s not scared of Ross and Lawler. Cole insults the crowd by saying JR and Lawler can stay in Florida with the fans, calling them old, useless, incontinent, retirees. The Boomer Sooner music hits next as Jim Ross comes out in a jersey, jeans and his cowboy hat. Ross looks ready to fight with his strap as Cole mocks him from the ring. Jerry Lawler’s music hits next and out he comes to walk to the ring with JR. JR’s hand is bandaged up from the injury he suffered at RAW. It’s going to be Lawler and Swagger starting things out. Both of them have a short leather strap in their hand. The bell rings as they swing straps at each other. Ross hits Swagger from behind. Lawler strikes first, unloading on Swagger with the strap. Cole is tagged in now.

Cole comes in and lets Lawler hit him but it doesn’t hurt because of the bubble wrap. Lawler drops Cole with a right hand and tears the wrap off him, letting loose on Cole. Cole manages to tag in Swagger. Swagger comes in and takes control of Lawler. Lawler is stuck on the ropes by the strap as Cole comes in and works him over. Cole taunts JR before tagging Swagger back in. Swagger mocks Lawler and beats on him some more on the ropes. Swagger whips Lawler hard into the opposite corner and he goes down. Swagger stomps on Lawler and hits the running Vader Bomb out of the corner but Lawler moves out of the way. Lawler fights back with jabs on Swagger, taking it to the corner. Cole comes in from behind and hits Lawler with a strap. Lawler turns around and takes Cole to the corner but Swagger makes the save from behind. Swagger applies the ankle lock on Lawler.

Ross hits Swagger from behind until he turns around distracted. This allows Lawler to take Swagger down and make the tag to JR. JR comes in with strap shots on Swagger. Ross applies the ankle lock on Swagger and tightens it. Swagger reaches for a tag and finally makes it to Cole. Cole doesn’t want to come in and face Ross, saying it wasn’t a valid tag. Ross hits Cole and drags him into the ring. Ross rams Cole’s head into the corner and he goes down. JR loosens up for the fans and gets a pop. Ross drops Cole with a running clothesline/shoulder move. Ross starts whipping Cole with the strap. Ross swings at Swagger and he falls to the floor. Ross applies the ankle lock on Cole until Swagger comes in and makes the save.

Ross hits Swagger with a low blow and starts whipping him. Cole comes from nowhere and rolls JR up for the win.

Winners: Michael Cole and Jack Swagger

After the match, JR is pissed as Cole and Swagger job around the ramp area. Cole and Swagger head to the stage as we go to a promo.

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