WWE Extreme Rules Results: Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston – Tables Match

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Tables Match for the WWE United States Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus

We go to the ring and out first comes Kofi Kingston to a nice reaction from the crowd. Out next comes the WWE United States Champion Sheamus.

The bell rings and they go at it, trading shots to the corner. Kofi unloads with kicks but Sheamus knocks him down in the corner and kicks him. Lots of back and forth action here as both are fired up. Kofi with right hands on top of Sheamus. Kofi goes out to the floor and brings a table from under the ring. Sheamus comes out and hits him from behind, throwing Kofi into the fan barrier. Kofi comes back after taking a beating and lays Sheamus out. Kofi sets up the table on the floor now and slams Sheamus on top of it. Kofi goes back in the ring. Kofi runs the apron and goes for the table but Sheamus rolls off. Kofi chases Sheamus around the ring but Sheamus catches him and tosses Kofi into the barrier.

Still on the floor, Sheamus goes to put Kofi through a table with his finisher but Kofi slides out. They go back to the apron and the ring to fight it out. Sheamus is on the apron as Kofi tries to knock him through the table on the floor. Sheamus pulls himself over the top rope and into the ring, knocking Kofi down with a shoulder. Sheamus goes under the ring for another table. Sheamus shoves the table into the ring, hitting Kofi in the gut. Sheamus comes in now and works Kofi over, slamming the table on top of him. Sheamus then stands on Kofi and the table, showing off. Sheamus now props the table up in the corner. Sheamus slams Kofi’s head into the table and picks him up on his shoulder. Sheamus tries to ram Kofi through the table but Kofi slides out, rolls Sheamus up and stomps on his chest. Kofi kicks Sheamus in the gut now and slams his head into the table.

Kofi leaps at Sheamus on the table but Sheamus moves and Kofi catches himself. Sheamus goes for his finisher through the table but Kofi slides out and drops Sheamus on the ropes. Kofi ends up on the apron now. Sheamus tries to send him through the table on the floor but Kofi leaps over the table and avoids going through it. Sheamus brings Kofi back in the ring now and sets a table up. Sheamus puts Kofi on the top rope and puts Kofi on his shoulder. Kofi fights him off with forearm shots to the chest, sending Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus comes back with a big right hand, knocking Kofi off the top. Sheamus tries to suplex Kofi from the ring to the table on the floor now. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise, knocking Sheamus to the floor but missing the table.

Kofi waits for Sheamus to get to his feet. Sheamus staggers half of his body onto the table. Kofi leaps from the top rope to the floor, putting Sheamus through it for the win and the United States Title.

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Kofi Kingston

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