WWE Fans Visit Home Of Chris Benoit, Tough Enough Star Meets w/TNA, More

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All of the WWE talents were given concussion testing over the past week.

Kip “Billy Gunn” James was also in attendance for WrestleMania 27 this past week. Alberto Del Rio’s dad Dos Caras Sr. was also in attendance, without his mask.

The major “tourist spots” for fans in Georgia this past weekend for WrestleMania week were Abdullah the Butcher’s restaurant and the former home of Chris Benoit.

WWE Tough Enough contestant Jeremiah Riggs, the MMA fighter, actually met with Terry Taylor and TNA before about coming in. They were interested in him because he appeared on VH1’s Daisy of Love and had some wrestling experience. Riggs began training with Dutch Mantel but decided to focus on his MMA career before trying out for Tough Enough.

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