WWE Financial Results Show A PPV Decline Of 23% From Last Year

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Even more financial data is coming in from WWE’s Fourth Quarter 2010 financial results and the numbers for WWE’s pay-per-view buyrates are not pretty.

Pay-per-view buyrates for Q4 2010 were down a staggering 23% from the previous year. Pay-per-view revenue was $13.8 million, down from $16.3 million in 2009.

Here is a breakdown of the buyrates by event: October’s Hell in a Cell did 210,000 buys, down from the 283,000 buys in 2009. October’s Bragging Rights did 137,000 buys, down from 181,000 buys in 2009. November’s Survivor Series did 244,000 buys, up from 235,000 buys in 2009. December’s TLC did 195,000 buys, down from 228,000 buys in 2009.

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  1. grox says:

    Prices are a huge issue when you have an economy in the gutter. I personally didn’t order a single poverty simply because my discretionary spending allowance was nonexistent. I know many people in the same boat. Its not that we don’t want to watch… we simply can’t afford the extra out when Its that or food.

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