WWE Hall Of Fame Scripted This Year, Tampa To Have Physical Building?

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Believe it or not, the WWE Hall of Fame speeches are being scripted this year by WWE writers, reports the The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Road Warrior Animal did an interview and noted that the company has guidelines on what can and cannot be said.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, the company is talks with a number of cities about establishing a physical Hall of Fame. Animal said in an interview that he has heard that Tampa is a possibility. Orlando has also put in a bid.

2 Responses to “WWE Hall Of Fame Scripted This Year, Tampa To Have Physical Building?”

  1. Shenmue_1986 says:

    Dude can they do thing any worse what a load of you know what.. Scripting the WWE Hall of famer speeches. You cant chant things anymore like you used to be able to at the Hall of fame. WTF??? It’s getting to the point where there not letting any fans speak there mind at the shows anymore…. Now there not even letting the wrestlers Speak from there hearts and they are telling them what to say what a load of shit. I am sorry but this has go to the point where I don’t even know what to say anymore. The hall of fame has become part of Wrestlemania weekend for me over the years. I have grown to love it. Not only did they take the live webcast away from us which pissed me off to no end. Now they take away this year are 1 hour showing on saturday night and we gota wait for a redubbed version to be showed before raw. What a load of shit…. They are ruining so much by doing this crap what are they thinking???? I will never stop watching wrestling and I mean ever. But I am seriously starting to think they don’t care about us fans anymore at all.

  2. IrishJD says:

    Those damn writers I think got a little too much authority for the company….considering they all ABSOLUTELY SUCK! Superstars should speak from their heart not through a script when it comes to their own induction to the HOF. What a diss to Shawn Michaels, Road Warriors, Jim Duggan and Sunny! WWE Fans who pay good money should be entitled to what they say, as long as they keep it somewhat civil. Vince needs to learn that if stuff like this keeps up, their will no longer be a WWE Company cause fans will take their money and head out the door. Damn, We already are watched enough by Big Brother….you think we’d at least get some freedom watching a show we absolutely grew up watching and love.

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