WWE HOFer Bret Hart Comments On Rock/John Cena Again, New Hogan Movie

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Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page will be starring in a new movie called Black River later this year. DDP stars as a recovering alcoholic who moves to a small Midwest town, gets drunk and wakes up to find that his neighbors are dead and the murder weapon is in his home. Here’s the first teaser trailer:

Triple H will be at Walmart on Cockrell Hill Road in Dallas, Texas on Monday, March 7th at 11pm, signing copies of The Chaperone DVD. The signing is limited to the first 300 DVD purchasers. This is right as RAW is ending for those in Dallas.

Bret Hart wrote more about The Rock and John Cena on his Twitter yesterday. Here’s what The Hitman said: “After watching Monday Night Raw last night I have to say I’m Looking forward to the showdown between John Cena and The Rock at Wrestlemania! When I was WWE champion back in 1997, I often gave Dwayne all the advice I could, I remember watching him wrestle for the very first time and telling the wrestlers next to me, that Dwayne was going to be the biggest Superstar in the wrestling world and to mark my words. “

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