WWE Holds Serious Meeting About The Name ‘Wrestling’, Jim Ross’ Big ‘Mania ‘Shocker’

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A meeting was held yesterday where it was agreed that the organization would no longer be referred as World Wrestling Entertainment due to Vince McMahon’s decree to eliminate the term wrestling from the product. The company will be solely branded as WWE. Multiple sources indicate the meeting ended with this directive.

On his Twitter account @JRsBBQ, Jim Ross wrote the following with the last hour: “Mtg w/ my ATL lawyers. Working on a big deal. What irony 2 talk about this deal here & now. Gonna be a shocker! Get sauce @ axxess.”

2 Responses to “WWE Holds Serious Meeting About The Name ‘Wrestling’, Jim Ross’ Big ‘Mania ‘Shocker’”

  1. Derekscheapseat says:

    I will have a LOT to say about this when I get done being sick over this…….WrestleHeat-Radio……4/3/11 11:00p.m. E.S.T.

  2. IrishJD says:

    April Fools Joke? Seriously Vince, what would become of the name Wrestlemania? Don’t you dare think about changing that dude….EVERYONE would walk out of the WWE Fanbase and never look back. WWE is Wrestling, it’s Pro Wrestling, so I dont know why Vince would seek to distance himself from it.

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