WWE Looking To Launch Divas Reality Series?

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A new poll on WWE.com shows that the company is looking at the possibility of launching a Divas reality series on their upcoming WWE television network. According to the poll, the program is described as a “a reality show that welcomes you aboard the private Divas tour bus as it travels from venue to venue. Cameras will roll 24/7, capturing the unscripted bonds, battles, and behind-the-scenes drama that only our WWE Divas can deliver when their public and private lives merge on the open road.”

The choices in the poll include 1) WWE Divas Hot Wheels, 2) WWE Divas Road Trip, 3) WWE Divas Heels on Wheels, 4) WWE Divas Joy Ride, and 5) WWE Diva Detour. You can vote here.

One Response to “WWE Looking To Launch Divas Reality Series?”

  1. Imnotgoingtoreplytoyou says:

    WWE version of Jersey shore? Hmm, I like.

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