WWE Live Event Results: Boise, ID (8/5/11)

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Site contributor DFR attended the WWE live event in Boise, Idaho on Saturday and sent in notes from the show. Credit to the results go to PWInsider.com. If you ever attend a live event and would like to contribute results and/or notes from the show, or any news for that matter, please e-mail us at webmaster@WrestleHeat.com.

I attended the WWE Smackdown live event last night in Boise, Idaho. The Taco Bell Arena, where the event was held, was heavily tarped off with almost no one in the center seating arrangements. The floor was only about 80 percent full while there was A TON of paper in the arena as I won my tickets 2 hours before the show via Facebook contest.

On my way to Taco Bell Arena for the WWE Smackdown house show.. Scored some free tix thanks to the box office! Pretty decent seats for comps. Right behind tech and gorilla position. An unobstructed view of the ring. Time for a beer. Lots of kids wearing Cena shirts and young males sporting the new CM Punk T-Shirts. I got my Fat Tire. I’d say 1,400 people maybe here.. 1,500 tops. There we’re still some open seats on the floor. The $25 seats on my side of the building we’re probably all paper seats and comps from the media. I literally had my own row of seats for myself.

-Starting us off is a battle royal for a shot at the IC Title later tonight. Johnny Curtis is actually in this match. Pretty fast for an 11-or-12 Man Battle Royal. Cody Rhodes back doors Daniel Bryan after he eliminates Wade Barrett for the win.

-Guest host Diva interview segment leads us to Natalya Vs. AJ. Starts out with the Diva guest host (Who they announced twice but I couldn’t tell who the hell it was) gets confronted by Nattie about not being a real Diva when AJ comes out, says something inaudible an challenges Natalya to a match. This was a very long, slow and methodical match. AJ is really small. A real ‘paint by numbers’ match with Natalya putting AJ over.

-The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal Vs. The Usos is next. Match was pretty much controlled by Khali/Mahal until the basic and typical heat segment on one of the Uso’s that lead to the hot tag and one of the Uso’s cleaning house until Khali interferes from the outside causing Mahal to cut off the comeback and get the pin. Mahal looks like a superstar. Nice, clean and crisp moves.

-Wade Barrett Vs. Daniel Bryan is the first match where the crowd actually cheered for the babyface and boo’ed the heel. Long match where they did several false finishes before Daniel Bryan scored submission with the Lebell Lock. Another good match.

-The Diva host had an audience dance competition for backstage access after the show. 3 adults and 1 little kid square off. The crowd puts over the little kid for the dance-off win.

Intermission. I was a smart one and got my beer during the dance off.

-Cody Rhodes Vs. Zeke Jackson for the WWE IC Title is next. Cody starts on the mic about how no one knows who the Intercontinental champ is and talks about the history of who’s held the title and even mentions ‘his brother’ as being a former IC champ. Cody powders out and begs off to start the match. Cody jumped the guard rails on both sides of the ring, getting heat from the crowd. One guy in the crowd got a little anxious and made contact with Cody. The fan was immediately thrown out of the building by security. Pretty basic match with Cody taking a lot of bumps. Zeke gets the submission win with the Torture Rack. Zeke is Lex Luger 2011.

-Mark Henry Vs. Sheamus in a ‘Smackdown Challenge’ match is next. Mark Henry was really over. Actually a pretty good heel reaction for Mark Henry. Sheamus is a good guy now but no one really understood that. Big man match that lead to Sheamus getting control over the match, Henry bailing out and blatantly using the chair on Sheamus for the DQ. Good back and forth, big man match until the DQ finish.

-Randy Orton Vs. Christian in a Street Fight is next. A lot of stalling and mic work at the beginning of the match. About 10 minutes of good back and forth. Randy teased the head kick and missed a couple of RKO’s while Christian was on-point on all of his offense. They eventual pull out the dreaded Kendo stick and tease using it on Orton. It ended up being used on Christian. Finish comes pretty much out of nowhere when Cody Rhodes does the run-in to distract Randy for Christian to hit the Kill Switch and to get the pin. Afterward, Orton his RKO’s on both Christian and Rhodes to send us home happy..

The show was about 2:30 with intermission. The building was set-up for full use. Sin Cara and Kane we’re also advertised but not one the show.

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