WWE Live Event Results: Salt Lake City, UT (8/5/11)

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Site contributor John Shepherd attended the WWE RAW live event in Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday and sent in notes from the show. Plus, more details on the injury of Rey Mysterio. Credit to the results go to PWInsider.com. If you ever attend a live event and would like to contribute results and/or notes from the show, or any news for that matter, please e-mail us at webmaster@WrestleHeat.com.

WWE had a Raw house show at the Maverik Center in West Valley City/Salt Lake City, UT on 8/5.

The opener was Santino Marella against Jack Swagger. Pure comedy from Santino, Swagger had the offense for most of the match until the missed Vader Bomb, when the Cobra (with sock puppet) came out and struck for the win.

After the match, as Santino was going backstage, R-Truth jumped him in the aisle. He spent a few minutes on the mic wanting John Morrison to come out because he wanted to fight. Morrison does come out and there is a chase between them until Truth catches Morrison coming into the ring. Truth spent most of the match on offense working on the neck and back until he missed a corner charge, when Morrison hit Starship Pain for the win. I don’t know if it was more based on the story of the match or other personal issues, but Morrison looked to have boo-boo face after the match.

Next was Zack Ryder and Drew McIntyre. I don’t think this was the crowd that had heard of Z True Long Island story because there were people that didn’t know who Ryder was and wondered why he had a title belt. Ryder had the ring announcer hold a camera while he filmed the first in ring episode, and went around ringside asking who wanted to be the Broski Of The Night. He did have a back and forth on the mic with local indy wrestler Tyler Cintron, who was holding a “You’re Not Dolph” sign all night. McIntyre had the offense for much of the match before a reversal of the Future Shock DDT. Ryder gets with win with the Rough Ryder.

Eve then came out as the hostess for the night and was going to talk about a contest in the arena when Beth Phoenix came out. Beth said they may be friends but she wants the Diva’s Championship and told Eve to get out of her ring. Kelly Kelly then ran out and the Diva’s Title match started. Match started with the usual Kelly offense of a Thesz press, punches, the spinning head scissors, and the stinkface. Beth got fired up and started to pummel Kelly, using her own version of a stinkface, and dominated for about four minutes. After an over the shoulder backbreaker by Beth, Kelly rolled through with a schoolgirl cradle and got the win.

The next match was Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. Before the bell, Del Rio took a sign from a young fan at ringside that had 619 on it. He went over to the ring announcers and took a pen from Justin Roberts, writing “I Love Alberto” on it. He took it back to the kid and asked how he wanted to hold the sign; when he said with the 619 showing, he ripped the sign up. Rey came over and put his shirt on the youngster. Alberto then wanted to shake hands, finding a fan in the crowd with a Del Rio sign and shaking his hand. Rey attacked, pulled Del Rio’s shirt over his head and pummeled him. He then took that shirt to the same young fan and said “Do what you want with it”. It became a foot rest. Del Rio did get the upper hand and started working on Rey’s back. This might have been story, but Del Rio threw Rey out of the ring for his slide under the ropes and land on his face spot, but his left leg got caught in the apron and he appeared to have tweaked it. It almost seemed like the match went into fast forward at that point, with Rey fighting off a superplex, and hitting the top rope senton, rana into the ropes, 619, and falling splash from the top. After the fall, he spent no time at ringside and limped to the back.

There was then a dance contest between four fans for the chance to go backstage. I don’t know if this is proof that I am an older fan, but I popped when Tim White came out with the releases they all needed to sign beforehand. After this they went to intermission

First match back was Dolph Ziggler and Alex Riley for the US Championship. Dolph came out first and talked about what he has done, and there may be stars and superstars but he is the only one with perfection. A-Ry got a pretty good pop coming out. Ziggler was channeling Larry Zbyszko for a lot of the match with stalling tactics but eventually got the upper hand. A kind of funny moment was when both Riley and Dolph were either on the outside or down in the ring, when Charles Robinson started the 10 count, a portion of the crowd started to “Whoo!”, and at one point he kind of shrugged it off. The ending sequence was Riley hitting a TKO, Dolph kicking out, missing a charge in the corner, which allowed Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag for the pin. He then grabbed the mic and once again said “Follow that!”

The semi-main was Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga defending the Tag Team Titles against Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. The old Nexus actually looked pretty good in the ring, using a few double team moves that would be about as close to 80s era tag wrestling as we will get in this generation from WWE, and dominated most of the bout. The end came when Bourne was tripped from the outside by Otunga, which allowed McGillicutty to hit his neckbreaker. Post match had Otunga and McGillicutty put the boots to Bourne, before Kingston came in and threw McGillicutty out of the ring, Evan hit a jumping knee, Kofi with Trouble In Paradise, and Evan with a Shooting Star Press.

The main event was Champion vs. Champion, as CM Punk took on John Cena. This was easily a face/face match, as there was more mat wrestling involved than I have seen Cena use in any 10 matches this year. It was almost a “can you top this”, as both would work back to headlocks, chinlocks, and they both ran a spot with a leapfrog, hip toss, and dropkick. Yeah, Cena hit a dropkick, and he definitely is not Jim Brunzell when it comes to vertical leap. While this is happening, there are dueling Let’s Go Cena/CM Punk chants, with a group starting a Fruity Pebbles chant at one point. After about 20 minutes, both guys were out in the middle when Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth hit the ring and attacked. The ref called for a double DQ. Dolph and Truth grabbed the belts from ringside and went in to hit both Punk and Cena, but they ducked and Punk hit Ziggler with the GTS and Cena hit Truth with the AA. After the match they had the same back and forth with Cena holding his belt up to his music, then Punk holding his up to Living Colour. All in all it was an enjoyable night of wrestling.

Other notes: I noticed Martin Casaus from Tough Enough was in line to enter the building as I went to pick up my tickets from will call. From sure fire TE winner to standing in line as a fan, that had to be rough for him to take. The company that he is a part owner of, UCW-Zero, were handing out flyers in line, promoting their next few cards through October, including his return match from the ankle injury against Tyler Cintron next Saturday. They had the CM Punk Best In The World shirt, and plenty of them it looked like. There was also an Alberto Del Rio shirt that I had not seen before, Morrison’s shirt, assorted Rey masks, and the spinner belt replica.

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