WWE Makes Big Changes To The Contracts Of Their Talent

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WWE is now requiring their talent that are signed with the company purchase and maintain medical insurance for themselves, if they already don’t have it, according to a report by the Pro Wrestling Insider. Unlike recent news by the UFC where they were going to provide insurance for their talent, WWE will not be picking up the costs of the insurance, but the talent will individually have to go out and purchase it on their own.

According to the report, people backstage within the WWE have been looking to make this move for months. According to a source close to the changes, the reason why WWE isn’t going to offer their talent medical insurance is because they are signed as “independent contractors” and if they provided them with free insurance, they would be able to write off the cost of it as a business expense. However, WWE will remain picking up the tab on their stars who need surgery or physical rehab based on injuries that they may have sustained while performing.

One Response to “WWE Makes Big Changes To The Contracts Of Their Talent”

  1. Karl Magnus says:

    How are you supposed to supply health insurance to pro wrestlers who purposefully slice their foreheads with razor blades and use metal “gouges” to scrape up their foreheads?
    The free market is free to deny coverage to high-risk customers.
    And then there’s the fact that Vince McMahon is about as far from a Saint as one can get.


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