WWE Money In The Bank – Vince McMahon Comments On CM Punk’s Contract

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We see Vince McMahon and John Laurinaits backstage talking. Josh Matthews comes in and asks Vince if he re-signed CM Punk. Vince says no. Vince says Punk is the biggest ingrate he’s ever dealt with in his life. Vince says he offered Punk the most lucrative contract ever and Punk turned him down.

Vince says the Punk fans shouldn’t blame him – he did what he could to keep Punk on the roster. Matthews asks Vince what did Punk exactly say. Vince says Punk pointed at the door and told Vince to simply get out. Matthews brings up Cena and this pisses Vince off a bit. Vince says this is all on Cena and if some way Punk leaves with the WWE Title, may God have mercy on Cena’s soul.

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