WWE Moving Away From PG On RAW, What Will Close WrestleMania?, More

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As of this week, creative has not decided on whether to close WrestleMania XXVII with The Undertaker vs. Triple H or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confronting John Cena—which would indicate that Cena vs. The Miz is the main event. Internally, Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler is considered the third biggest match on the show.

Going forward, WWE plans on featuring more TV-14 content on Monday Night Raw. However, it’s still considered a PG-rated program and there are no plans on changing that.

The blonde contestant shown during the Tough Enough trailer that aired during Raw is Juliet The Huntress, a 22-year-old independent wrestler of Puerto Rican descent based out of Chicago, Illinois. Juliet began her wrestling career in Puerto Rico in 2005, joining World Wrestling Council (WWC) during her rookie year. She later transferred to the International Wrestling Association (IWA), which is owned by former WWE Superstar Savio Vega. After gaining experience in the Caribbean, she headed to the United States in 2008 and has been competing on the Chicago independent circuit ever since. (Thanks to Jeffrey)

4 Responses to “WWE Moving Away From PG On RAW, What Will Close WrestleMania?, More”

  1. Derek says:

    Oh sure lets end the biggest PPV of the year with a “confrontation” instead of focusing on wrestling. If it even invloves the WWE title match then it still sucks cuz Cena wins again…….Boring

    • Marbuls024 says:

      If you turn Cena HEEL its the PERFECT ending to WM, it would be the biggest turn since Hogan in 96 and the Rock is the only one who can truely make Cena an ULTIMATE heel. They teased Cena goin heel on Orton the fans didn’t care cause as much as they want Randy as the Austin of this gen and Cena as the Rock of this gen they’ll never be as over or draw as big or get the raitings where they were they are NOT Austin/Rock. However it takes a GREAT heel to make ppl care about, I mean think about it…JBL’s heel character brought and helped elevate Cena, Rey, and Eddie to new heights and larger fanbases. The 1 thing missing from WM is that match that makes you order the ppv cause you’re so looking forward to the heel gettin his ass beat, well there’s King/Cole but I’m talking about someone who’s gonna be able to help ppl get over.

  2. Marbuls024 says:

    WWE NEEDS A CENA HEEL TURN, ppl aren’t interested in King/Cole cause they love King so much, hell most ppl now a days don’t know him as anything more than a commentator. They’re interested and Lawler is so insanely OVER bc of how GREAT of a pompus ass heel Cole is and they wanna see his as get beat.

    Have Cena win the title, Rock comes out and cuts a promo sayin how much Cena earned his respect they shake hands then Cena smashes him with the belt(sorry vince) and proceeds to give Rock an beatdown the likes we haven’t seen since Rock/Foley at RR98. He beats him and leaves him laying bloody in the ring, then on Raw comes out and cuts a major heel promo no jokes no smiles no hugs or cheesey lines just serious straight forward HEEL.

  3. Takerarpith says:

    taker vs hhh is the true main event. rock is not wrestling so don’t give a damn about him & cena miz is not that interesting. taker vs hhh for sure

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