WWE Night Of Champions 2011 PPV: Live Notes & Thoughts

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Site reader Dave M. attended the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view last night from Buffalo, New York and sent in the following notes from the show being live in attendance. Credit goes to PWInsider.com:

The arena was about 90-95% full. Not too many empty seats but I do know that they papered some of them. The dark match was really well done, but Daniel & Heath worked hard.

They were confiscating signs a lot. Why people bring them is beyond me. I find them irritating when the person in front of you holds it up all night. Some signs were just stupid. There were a lot of CM Punk signs and “Welcome Home, Beth” signs as well.

The opening pyro was awesome in person. The tag match was great with a shocker of a finish.

Having Beth lose was a huge creative mistake in my opinion. They could have had a great sportcenter moment with Beth winning in her home town. The crowd did not like the finish and a huge “bullsh**” chant last over a minute.

Alberto Del Rio got almost no response. No one seemed into him. His match with Cena was good though.

Almost everyone knew Kevin Nash was coming in here in Buffalo…..they had cameras focused on the entrance way and a dimly lit spot following him through the crowd. Right after Nash was hit with the hammer, I was watching Cole & Lawler with my binoculars and I saw Cole write something down on a notepad and showed it to Lawler. Lawler showed to one of the ring techs who ran towards the back.

After the match, Nash remained on the floor. Someone from the back came out with the ring tech and then someone did the X sign with their hands. About 4 others came out to assist Nash who was still laying down. Even Lawler came over. Nash finally sat up and was holding his head. He was wobbly when he stood up and needed assistance to get to the back.

It was a good PPV to see in person since the Buffalo crowds are always hot.

Pops: (1) Beth Phoenix, (2) CM Punk, (3) John Cena

Heat: (1) Michael Cole (one sign near me was taken right away….it read Michael Cole = low ratings), (2) Finish of Beth Phoenix match

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