WWE Night Of Champions: Triple H Defeats CM Punk, Kevin Nash Makes Return

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Coming out of tonight’s WWE Night of Champions, two of the company’s major title belts changed hands with Alberto Del Rio losing the WWE Championship to John Cena and Mark Henry becoming a first time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, defeating Randy Orton. With Cena’s win, he becomes a 12 time WWE Champion — a two time World Champion and a 10 time WWE Champion. He has been with the company for just over 9 years now.

Elsewhere in the match that closed the show, Triple H defeated CM Punk in an overbooked match-up that features the intereference of John Laurinaitis, the return of the “fired” Kevin Nash, the Miz, and R-Truth. At one point, the referee was knocked out and Laurinaitis brought out a second referee to count Triple H’s shoulders down on the mat, but Hunter kicked out. When Triple H went to go pin Punk, Laurinaitis pulled out the referee, fueling speculation that Punk is in cahoots with him, though that certainly wasn’t blatantly teased.

When The Miz and R-Truth came out, who were unsuccessful in winning the WWE Tag Team Titles earlier in the night, they attacked both Hunter and Punk. Nash, too, attacked both men. Triple H knocked out of the equation just minutes later when he hit him with a sledgehammer, however. The match ended with a three count when Hunter pinned Punk in the ring after a pedigree. As per the stipulations of the match, Triple H remains COO.

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