WWE Over The Limit Results – John Cena vs The Miz – I Quit Match

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I Quit Match for the WWE Title: The Miz vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out first comes The Miz with Alex Riley right behind him. John Cena’s music is up next and out comes the WWE Champion to a nice reaction from the crowd. We get formal introductions from Justin Roberts and here we go.

The bell rings and Miz takes the mic. He mentions there are no rules in an I Quit Match except one must say they quit. Miz says he can use weapons on Cena but Riley can also. Riley enters the ring and stands beside Miz, ready to go. Miz lets Cena have the chance to go ahead and quit now. Cena says hell no. Miz charges and Cena ducks. Cena unloads on Miz and Riley, going back and forth between the two. Cena with a big bulldog on Miz and a gutwrench. Cena locks on the STF but Riley breaks it up. Riley goes to work on Cena now.

Miz and Riley start working Cena over now. Riley charges but Cena dumps him to the floor. Cena unloads on Miz with shoulders and a back drop. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Miz andgoes for the Attitude Adjustment but Miz slides out and hits a neckbreaker. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Cena counters with an Attitude Adjustment. Riley comes in and decks Cena with the briefcase. Riley starts smacking Cena with the case now.

Riley and Miz continue the double team now. They hit him with a double powerbomb from the top. The ref checks on Cena but he’s not ready to quit. They throw Cena out to the floor. More double teaming on the floor with Cena being rammed hard back into the barrier. He’s still not ready to quit.

They continue to beat Cena on the floor but he won’t quit. Riley nad Miz take apart the announcer’s table and beat him down with the monitors. Cena still won’t quit. He finally fights back but Miz throws him into the steel steps. Miz drops Cena’s face onto the steel steps with a DDT. Miz puts the mic in Cena’s face this time but he still won’t quit. Riley lifts the steel steps up. Miz tells Cena that Riley is going to slam them into his ribs if he doesn’t quit. Cena tells him to go to hell. Riley slams the steps into Cena’s side. The ref checks on Cena again but he won’t quit. Riley holds Cena’s arms from the ring while he’s on the floor. Miz grabs a kendo stick. He tells Cena to go ahead and quit. Cena tells him he hits like a girl. Miz cracks Cena in the ribs repeatedly with the kendo stick. Cena still won’t quit.

Miz unloads on Cena’s ribs with the kendo stick again and Cena falls to the floor. Still no quitting from Cena. Another kendo shot from Miz. They go back to double teaming Cena now, beating him up the ramp and towards the cars on stage. Miz suplexes Cena onto the stage. The ref checks on Cena but he won’t quit. Miz hits Cena with a running kick to the face and Cena rolls off the stage and onto the concrete floor. Cena still won’t say it. Riley holds Cena while Miz gets a belt from a production worker. Miz threatens to whip Cena with the strap unless he quits. Cena tells him he has a strap but no nuts. Miz whips Cena in the back repeatedly with the strap. Cena still won’t quit. Miz whips Cena several more times but Cena won’t give up. Miz tells Riley go to get him a chair from the ring. Miz takes Cena back to the ramp. Cena drops him with a right hand and slams Riley into the ringpost. Miz comes up and decks Cena and then hits him with the steel chair.

Miz brings Cena and the chair in the ring. Cena gets up and fights Miz off. Riley comes in but Cena throws him and he hits the ref. The referee goes down. Miz comes back from behind on Cena and lays him out with a DDT. Miz props the chair up in the ropes and lays Cena’s face into it with a Skull Crushing Finale. Cena still won’t quit. Miz goes to some Cena fans at ringside and asks him if he wants to Cena go through more pain. Miz tells the kid to tell Cena to quit. The kid says never, not any day. Miz tells the kid to look what he’s done to Cena and kicks him. Miz yells at the kid some more now and says he won’t stop until Cena quits. Miz tells the kid to tell Cena to quit again. Another kid tells Miz to quit first. Miz decks Cena in the head with the mic. Miz threatens to beat Cena repeatedly with a chair until he quits. Miz tells him he can’t win this match. Cena tells Miz the kids are smarter than him. As Cena is laying halfway through the barrier, Miz cracks him in the head with a chairshot. Riley holds the mic to Cena’s mouth and says “I quit.” This is supposed to be Cena saying it but it sounded like Riley. The bell rings and the referee goes for the belt at ringside. The referee sees a cell phone at ringside and plays audio on it. The referee says no to the decsion and comes back in the ring to argue with Miz and Riley. He plays the audio from Riley’s phone into the mic and exposes their trick. The referee restarts the match.

Miz holds Cena while Riley charges with the belt. Cena ducks and lays Riley through the announcer table with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena looks at Miz and starts smiling. Cena takes off his own belt and starts whipping Miz over and over with it. Miz runs up the ramp but Cena beats him with the strap the whole way. Miz tries to go backstage but Cena pulls him back. Cena locks on the STF on the stage and Miz says “I Quit” to end the match.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, we get replays. Cena poses with the WWE Title on the stage as they show more replays. Over the Limit goes off the air with Cena saluting the crowd and raising the WWE Title.

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