WWE Over The Limit Results: Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson – IC Title

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WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett

We go to the ring and out comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett by himself. Out next comes the challenger Ezekiel Jackson.

The bell rings and they test each other. They finally go at it and Barrett looks to take control early on until Jackson throws him over the top rope and to the floor. Barrett runs back in the ring and Zeke chases him. Barrett tries a big boot when Zeke comes back in but Zeke catches it and goes to work on Barrett. Zeke with big knees and right hands in the corner now. Zeke continues the assault and Barrett gets the ref’s attention in the corner. Out of nowhere Barrett gets up and decks Zeke. Barrett rams Zeke into the ringpost from the corner.

Barrett with another shot into the ringpost and a 2 count. Barrett mounts Zeke with right hands. Barrett goes to the second rope and hits an elbow drop for another pin attempt. Barrett takes it tot he mat with a headlock. Zeke fights back but Barrett hits him with headbutts. Barrett goes for Wasteland but Zeke slides out and fights back. Barrett with a boot to the gut. Barrett goes for the gutwrench powerbomb and nails it for a 2 count.

Zeke knocks Barrett out of the ring with a right hand. Barrett comes back to the apron but Zeke runs him into the ring post. Zeke brings Barrett back in and runs him over with big shoulder blocks. Zeke with a huge splash in the corner and a scoop slam. And another scoop slam, and yet another. Barrett hits one more big scoop slam on Barrett, wait, there’s another. Zeke scoops Barrett onto his shoulders nect but Justin Gabriel rushes in and kicks Zeke in the stomach.

Winner by DQ: Ezekiel Jackson

– Zeke fights off Gabriel but Heath Slater rushes the ring. He fights him off but The Corre gangs up on Zeke and all three start stomping away. Barrett hits a big running boot while Slater and Gabriel hold Zeke. Zeke is announced as the winner by DQ but The Corre raises Barrett’s arm as we go to replays.

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