WWE PPV Buyrates For Hell In A Cell & Vengeance 2011

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Initial details are surfacing on the buyrates for the two October WWE pay-per-views last month. The corporate section of WWE.com notes that both events totaled 322,000 buys with Hell in a Cell drawing 180,000 buys. While that number can likely change in the finals, if that number sticks, it would be down 14% from last year’s 210,000 buys and down 36% from the 283,000 buys in 2009.

The return of the Vengeance pay-per-view, which returned after the pay-per-view was re-named Night of Champions officially in 2008, drew 142,000 buys. The pay-per-view it replaced, Bragging Rights, drew 137,000 buys last year, or barely much of an increase.