WWE Pushing Edge’s Submission, Jim Ross On TNA Wrestling Politics, More

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WWE is pushing Edge’s submission hold going into the match with Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 27, to go against Del Rio’s armbar finisher.

Faz sent word that on this week’s WWE NXT TV show in New Zealand, a message from John Cena aired at the beginning that dedicated the show to the victims of the recent earthquake there and thanked the Red Cross and rescue workers for their help.

Jim Ross wrote the following on his website this weekend when asked about TNA politics and Hulk Hogan revealing Jimmy Hart as Jerry Lawler’s manager at WrestleMania 27:

First of all I watch so little TNA that I’m not a good person to judge how their inner workings are, good or bad. Philosophically, I don’t enjoy their style of creative more often than not but, again, I’m not a regular viewer. But it’s none of my business either and only a personal opinion from afar. I think the statement Hogan made about Jimmy Hart being King’s manager for the night @ WM27 is simply speculation and rumor. I don’t think that it will happen or that it has any basis in fact. Time will tell but it’s not a big deal one way or another. I hope TNA succeeds and I spend zero time concerned about TNA politics, etc.”

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