WWE RAW (2/8/11) Rating, Comparison To Last Year’s Stronger Number

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Even with the announcement that Vince McMahon was going to make an appearance on last night’s show, Monday’s show did a 3.3 cable rating with 4.93 million viewers. This number is a drop from the 3.47 rating last week with 5.28 million viewers. For WWE, that is a drop of 7% among total viewers and a drop of 5% in the household rating, week-to-week.

Going back to last year’s RAW on February 8th, the show scored a 3.6 cable rating with 5.34 million viewers. The guest star on the show was NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. Compared to last night’s number, that is a drop-off of 8% in the households and viewership.

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  1. keely says:

    to be real, wwe sucks now. its not good and all the good guys left. TNA all the way

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