WWE RAW House Show Results: Sioux Falls, South Dakota (5/29/2011)

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Thanks to site contributor Drake Lower, who attended last night’s WWE RAW live event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and sent in the following report from the show. If you ever attend a live event (or any general wrestling news, for that matter) and want to write up a report for thousands of fans to read, please send it in to webmaster@WrestleHeat.com and we’ll give you full credit for the results and/or news report.

WWE Legend “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart was the Guest Host for the house show in Sioux Falls, SD.

(1) Chris Masters def. Jack Swagger via Masterlock.

(2) Percy Watson def. Zack Ryder with an off the shoulders slam landing Ryder face first on the mat.

(3) Mason Ryan def. Primo via standing Rock Bottom.

(4) Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly def. the Bella Twins.

(5) U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler with Trouble in Paradise. They teased a Ziggler title change but another ref came down and said Kofi had his foot on the rope.

(6) Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga def. Santino & Vladimir Kozlov

(7) Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio via 619 & Top Rope Splash.

(8) WWE Champion John Cena def. Miz & R-Truth when Cena pinned R-Truth. Most of the match was Miz & Truth double teaming Cena. Miz was attacked by Alex Riley and they fought to the back, which set up the finish.

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