WWE RAW House Show Results: Syracuse, New York (6/10/2011)

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Jason Ouimette attended the June 10th live WWE event from Syracuse, New York and sent in the following report from the show. If you ever attend a live event (or any general wrestling news, for that matter) and want to write up a report for thousands of fans to read, please send it in to webmaster@WrestleHeat.com and we’ll give you full credit for the results and/or news report.

Last night the WWE returned to the Syracuse One Center War Memorial for the first time in a year and if last night was any indication I would expect them to be back much sooner, perhaps with a TV taping or PPV. It was a near sell-out and the arena was about 95% full. The only empty seats were in the worst sections, where you could not really see that well. It was a hot crowd all night my ears are still ringing from al the kids screaming…Merchandise stands were packed with parents buying everything for the kids, especially John Cena stuff. There were guys dressed like Zack Ryder and Hulk Hogan, complete with the tye-dye red/yellow pants and feather boas. Just awesome stuff. Even Rick, a.k.a. the WWE sign guy who travels all over following WWE, was in town for the show.

Almost all of the people scheduled were here, with the exception of Alberto Del Rio [as he is touring with the SD crew]. They went though the usual pre-show information as lights went down and when they came back up Justin Roberts was in the ring. They did the national anthem and we were off and running for our opening match.

Jack Swagger v. Evan “Air” Bourne – this was an awesome opener and the kids and crowd popped for Bourne and booed Swagger great back and forth match with Bourne getting out of The Ankle Lock and hitting his shooting star splash for the win. Great way to open the show and get a hot crowd already hotter and pumped up.

Next Justin Roberts announced our guest hostess for the show, Eve Torres. She comes out and wow she is in a nice purple/black dress and looked as hot as ever. She announced that later in the show 4 fans would be picked to be in a contest [the usual dance contest for prizes]. At this point out come the Bella Twins to run their mouths and talk down to the hostess routine when Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix come out to Eve’s aid. This leads us to our next match:

Kelly Kelly/ Beth Phoenix v. The Bellas – standard divas match. The kids were loving the faces and hating on the Bellas al though all were hot. Kelly played the face in peril until making the hot tag to Beth, who cleaned house. At one point the Bellas tried to leave and Eve threw them in the ring. After Beth hits a beautiful slingshot suplex, ala Tully Blanchard, Kelly gets the pin and the win. After the match Beth goes out and hugs Rick the sign guy.

Percy Watson v. Zack Ryder – wow the pop Ryder got coming out was amazing and he legit looked taken aback from the reaction [why Vince doesn’t push the guy more then he is is beyond me, super over w/ crowd and everyone loves him]. Percy comes out [sans the funky glasses and dancing from his Showtime days] and very few knew who he was, which is a shame. This was a decent match with both guys working hard. Watson gets the win and Ryder gets cheered on way out.

US Title match Kofi Kingston [c] v. Dolph Ziggler – Dolph comes out first to garner cheap heat by running down Syracuse, which of course he got. Kofi comes out and the place explodes. Kids were loving him. It was deafening. As for the match, wow it was an amazing match, back and forth, with both men delivering. Both guys hit their finishers and at some points you thought perhaps Dolph could pull it off and win title. In the end Kofi wins and the crowd explodes.

So now its intermission and time for Eve to come back out and do the dance contest. They selected 4 fans [1 adult male who was trying to get the crowd pumped, a young boy, 2 girls]. Well they hit the music and the guy goes first and he sucked but it was funny watching him. Then he suddenly runs over and tries doing a bronco buster to the turnbuckles and the ref. had to run over and catch him before he fell. Justin Roberts told him he had to get down. The next was the 1st young girl and she was ok. Then the other girl went and wow is all I can say. She got down and dirty and was on verge of winning until the little boy went. He was next and last and when he came up wow he pulled out some amazing and awesome dance moves, including The Worm and more. Of course he won and got to go back stage to meet WWE superstars. All the rest got some shirts. After the contest they took a 15 minute break.

Six Man tag team match – Nexus [Otunga, McGillicutty and Mason Ryan] v. Chris Masters, Kozlov and Santino and wow the crowd popped for both teams but Santino got the loudest and best of all. This was a really good 6 man match with Masters playing the face in peril before making the hot tag. Santino pulled off all his moves and hit The Cobra, which got a standing pop from the crowd. Winner Santino, Kozlov and Master after the match they posed and did the trumpet pose. Awesome match.

Miz v. Alex Riley – Miz comes out and has the crowd ripping him, getting the cheap heat. A-RI comes down and Miz takes off, playing the cowardly heel running away from A-RI until the old trick of the face/heel cat and mouse game with heel sliding into ring and face getting a beatdown for being stupid and going in after him. This wasn’t that great a match, more a brawl with Miz owning A-RI for about half the match until Alex makes his comeback. Then out of the blue the Miz hits Alex with the briefcase and gets DQ’d. Probably the worst match of the night hopefully they make the PPV match some sort of a brawl or something.

After this match Justin Roberts comes in and thanks the crowd and says they usual we plan on being back in Syracuse, NY in the very near future.

Main Event of the evening: Triple threat match for the WWE Championship – John Cena[c] v. R-Truth v. CM Punk – Punk comes out first and he got quite the pop from the older crowd, which again he looked legit taken back from. Out next was Truth and he comes out singing “It’s a wonderful world” before going into I wish I wasn’t here in Syracuse, NY to garner heel heat and boy he did. Finally out comes Cena and holy crap what a pop. I thought the roof was going to blow off. This was another great match with Cena fighting off both guys and the heels trying to do the evil double- team stuff but messing up. In the end Cena gets the win after hitting the FU on, I believe, Truth.

All in all an awesome house show. The crowd was hot all night> Cena was the most over with all the kids. There was the dueling chant of “Lets go Cena, Lets go Punk/Truth” depending on who he was fighting with at time.

Note: Even though I am not a fan of the Superman Cena character you have to give him his due as he is the most fan- friendly guy ever. After the show ended Cena, instead of heading to the showers or his car to leave, went outside by the buses/truck and met the crowd of fans and gave out his wrist and head bands [my nephew caught his head band and gave it to his brother, which was really special].

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