WWE RAW House Show Results: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (5/28/2011)

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Site contributor Jamie Ference attended last night’s WWE RAW house show from the MTS Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and sent in the following report from the show:

I’m pretty bad at judging crowds but I’d guess the crowd tonight was just short of 10,000. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart was our guest host of the evening. Hart was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler who cut a promo on Jimmy about how old he is and how nobody even knows who he is. Ziggler was interrupted by Primo who made his way to the ring for the first match.

Primo defeated Dolph Ziggler with a swinging DDT. Match took for what seemed like forever to begin as Ziggler did his best Zbyszko impersonation and stalled by getting in and out of the ring countless times. Once the match finally started it was actually not too bad. I was surprised how over Primo was with the crowd even getting a loud “Primo” chant!

Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly beat The Bellas. Beth got a huge pop when she made her entrance. The Bellas spent most of the match working over Beth including using “Twin Magic” to try to win but to no avail. Beth made the hot-tag to Kelly who scored the pinfall on one of The Bellas.

Zack Ryder then made is way down to the ring. He took the mic and gave a hilarious promo then challenged anyone in the locker room to a match leading to Mason Ryan defeating him. Strange match as Ryan was playing the babyface role even playing to the crowd a few times. Not much of a match, only things that made the match enjoyable was the loud “Ryder” chants and a chant of “Batista” directed towards Mason.

Chris Masters made Jack Swagger submit to The Masterlock in the next match. This match was announced as “Anklelock” vs. “Masterlock” which didn’t figure into the match at all. Referee Charles Robinson was counting pins and Swagger didn’t even attempt an Anklelock once. Pretty forgettable match.

After intermission it was time for the next match….

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Micheal McGillicutty defeated Santino & Kozlov. Santino was WAY over with the crowd and was as usual pretty entertaining. The crowd hated The New Nexus not in the heel- heat way but in the X-Pac heat way where Canada didn’t even want them in the ring. They are just awful, especially Otunga.

Rey Mysterio beat Albert Del Rio in a “Raw Challenge Match”. The younger kids in the crowd went absolutely nuts for Mysterio when he came out. Del Rio with TONS of stalling tactics early including getting on his knees to try to offer Rey to shake hands before the match and getting on the mic telling the crowd if we didn’t apologize for booing him he was just going to leave, which was an idle threat because then he was in the ring and FINALLY the match began. If you’ve seen Mysterio vs Del Rio before you know what to expect. It was a really good match with Rey finally getting the win on his third attempt with a 619.

WWE Champion John Cena retained the title defeating The Miz & R-Truth in a Triple Threat Match. Miz cut a promo when he came out getting lots of cheap heat by making fun of The NHL returning to Winnipeg after moving the Atlanta Thrashers here hopefully for next season. If you’ve never been to a Winnipeg Jets game back in the early 90’s you have no idea how passionate we are for hockey and the hopeful return of the NHL. So with the promo, Miz became the most hated man on the building. Truth cut his usual smack talk promo as he came to the ring saying it’s the first time he’s been to Canada and his first time here he has to be in Winnipeg so he’s not happy. Cena came out to a HUGE pop and nowhere near the amount of boos I was expecting. Miz and Truth double-teamed Cena for the majority of the match until Cena of course started no selling and playing Super-Cena and in the end getting the win with the Attitude Adjustment in Truth for the win.

After the match, Cena took the mic and sucked up to the crowd by talking hockey. Overall not the worst house show I’ve been to but not the best either. I was never really bored at all but never really felt too much excitement or drama for any match either.

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