WWE RAW Live Event Results (5/10/11) From Highland Heights, Kentucky

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Site reader Chad attended at WWE RAW live event house show on May 10, 2011 from Highland Heights, Kentucky and sent along detailed results from the event after the show. Below are the full results of the show:

(1) Chris Masters defeated Jack Swagger via submission (Masterlock): I wasn’t expecting it to be like it was, but Chris Masters got a HUGE pop from the crowd when he came out to the ring. Swagger, of course, was greeted with lots of booing and fans giving him the thumbs down. I loved it during the celebration when I saw Masters mouth the words “this is why I love Kentucky.”

(2) “Showtime” Percy Watson defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall (Float-over DDT): Following the match, Ryder left first and Watson was in the ring for a minute or so waiting for Ryder to exit. When Watson was on his way out, he was briefly attacked by R-Truth. R-Truth then got in the ring with the mic and started to diss Kentucky and the fans. One of his best quotes was, “Y’all gonna cheer for that black man, but not cheer for this black man?” He was really good with the stick tonight.

(3) R-Truth defeated Primo via pinfall (Truth Axe): Not that good of a match. I know Primo is a jobber right now, but his antics almost made me want to root for R-Truth.

(4) Alberto Del Rio defeated Evan Bourne via submission (Cross Armbar): Del Rio didn’t come to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez announcing his name, but rather Justin Roberts doing so. Not sure if this is something that regularly happens at house shows but I found it interesting.

(5) The Big Show defeated Mason Ryan via pinfall (WMD): CM Punk, who was originally scheduled to be in a triple threat match in the main event, accompanied Ryan to the ring while wearing street cloths. He then got major heat from the crowd when he said he wasn’t going to be competing tonight and that he had a doctor’s note. He said the doctor’s note said he couldn’t wrestle tonight because he was “allergic to all you dirty rednecks.” Of course this got major heat from the crowd.

(6) Brie Bella defeated Eve Torres via pinfall to retain the Divas Championship: It was Nikki who got the pin as she forced Brie out of the ring (Twin Magic) after Torres had opened the match by working over Brie. All three divas looked great, but The Bellas were wearing a leopard print outfit and they looked so amazing. The match wasn’t really that great, but what can you expect for the first match after an intermission…gotta love popcorn matches.

(7) Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall (Trouble in Paradise) to retain the United States Championship: This was probably the best match of the night. Vicky did not accompany Dolph to the ring.

(8) John Cena defeated The Miz via pinfall (Attitude Adjustment): The Miz entered to pretty good heat and took the stick was talking about how he was the best wrestler in the WWE. The crowd was booing so much that Miz said they sounded like a bunch of cows, which got even more boos. Oddly enough Cena didn’t do anything with the mic tonight.

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