WWE RAW To NBC?, The Miz Wants To Be Bigger Than Stone Cold & The Rock

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Ted Linhart, USA Network’s Vice President of Program Research, was recently asked by a fan on Twitter about the possibility of moving WWE Monday Night RAW from USA to the struggling mother ship broadcast network of NBC Universal — which USA is part of — NBC, he said, “[that it] doesn’t really work that way. NBC [is] not able to move it, USA owns the rights to air [RAW] & is very important part of our lineup.”

The Miz was recently interviewed by the New York Post, where he stated that he wants to be bigger than John Cena, the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Here is an excerpt from the interview: “This whole process has been one long journey, chapters in a book, and once I succeed in one, I focus on the next. I want to be looked at as the guy who will take this company to the next level. I want to become the face of The WWE. I want people to think of The WWE and think of The Miz. I need to become bigger than John Cena, bigger than The Rock, bigger than Stone Cold. If you’re in The WWE and beating them isn’t your ultimate goal, you shouldn’t even be here.”

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