WWE RAW Ranks #1 In Twitter Activity On All Of Cable TV

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Mashable has an article up noting that the activity from last week’s episode of RAW (12/5/11) had an “overal activity” of 466,378 with 77% of those tweets being positive. This was good enough to put the show at the #1 ranking in all of cable television. RAW was able to beat out competitors like Spongebob SquarePants on Nickelodeon (374,110 overall activity, 68% positive sentiment), FX’s American Horror Story (245,080, 63%), Comedy Central’s South Park (155,342, 72%) and Teen Mom 2 (153,414, 65%). SmackDown! ranked sixth with 151,433 and 75%.

Other than FOX’s The X-Factor (1,567,835, 68%), the ABC News Republican Debate (998, 66%), and FOX’s Glee (716,653, 69%) on broadcast TV, RAW was the show that generated that most real-time activity on the social media website.