WWE RAW Rating (3/21/11) Continues To Drop Heading Into WrestleMania 27

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According to the early numbers that have come in to us here at WrestleHeat.com, last night’s edition of WWE Monday Night RAW on the USA Network (3/21/11) scored a 3.3 cable rating with an overall audience of 5.1 million. The household rating was down 9% compared to last week’s 3.64 cable rating. The overall viewership was down 12% from last week’s 5.8 million viewers.

The rating has to be a disappointment for the company as they are now less than two weeks away until their biggest event of the year, WrestleMania. Fortunately for the company, however, they heavily hyped that the Rock will be there live in a “confrontation” of sorts with John Cena. A face-to-face confrontation between Triple H and the Undertaker is also promoted.

By comparison, and on the upside for the company, the comparable RAW last year on March 22, 2010 did a 3.24 cable rating with 4.51 million viewers. While the household rating is more or less the same, viewership is up 12% year-to-year. Since the households are similar and viewership isn’t, that simply means that there are the same amount of homes tuned in the homes, but more people in each home are tuning in.

12 Responses to “WWE RAW Rating (3/21/11) Continues To Drop Heading Into WrestleMania 27”

  1. Next week will have good ratings because of Rock

    • IrishJD says:

      I see the 10 year olds have reached the forum. The Rock owns Cena any day. Overall in this feud, the Rock is 2-1 against Cena…and just wait til next week when they stand face to face amid the Cena Sucks Chants. I got respect for John Cena because he is a hard worker and is loyal to his company and has a good character as a person….but as the Face of the WWE he is getting as stale as they come. He needs to become the Top Heel of the Company in order to save RAW at the moment. So far…The Rock is the only one saving WWE right now and I think all of us WWE fans should be grateful towards Dwayne for doing this. So don’t say The Rock sucks when you obviously have no clue about Sports Entertainment.
      And you never know with WWE…we may get a Triple Threat Match for Mania. And if we do, it will be a passing of the Torch Match obviously and for some reason as a swerve I can see Miz walking out the Winner. However don’t expect it right now, but you never know.

      • Derek says:

        And you are allowed to speak because you understand sports entertainment? I’ve forgotten more about this business than you’ll ever know, and you prove that when you say you think that the main event of WM could still include Rock. The fact that you think Rock will wrestle, combined with the fact that you think that Rock is “saving” RAW, disqualifies you from being taken seriously. Instead of wasting everyone’s time here on wrestleheat, why don’t you just replay the last time Rock showed up on RAW and wet your panties all over again. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I’m grateful for the Rock’s 1 live appearance thus far and after Rock gets his paycheck he’ll be gone for another 7 years. Oh and guess what? Wrestling survived for the last 7 years without him and wrestling will continue to survive. I have a clue when it comes to sports entertainment and I’m saying Rock sucks. He sucks for telling us all he’s back when he has no intention to do more than the minimum, and he sucks for using his lineage to try to get his loyal fans to believe the BS. This comes from a former Rock supporter. He is one of the best wrestling has ever seen, but he’s lost my respect and likely anybody else that sees through his crap. Time will prove this fact though. How long it takes for him to show up again and if he wrestles again will prove my point. He loves his fans so much and just wait and see how long he takes to show us.

        • suto_vu says:

          Sad to say, the Rock’s 20 minute return promo was the most interesting thing on Raw in a good long time. Even Jim Ross admitted this publicly. So, maybe wrestling didn’t need to be saved, but it sure needed to be spiced up and the Rock has done this, whether or not you want to admit it. He will not be on the show every week, that’s obvious. But you can’t say with any certainty that the Rock won’t wrestle at Wrestlemania. We’ll find out then.

          • Derek says:

            Any spice Rock added to RAW will be gone as soon as he, so how much was really accomplished besides a couple of ratings spikes? I loved Rock b4 he ruined it lately, and you all can hope and pray he’ll actually do something all you want, but common sense is telling me that if we get 1 match from Rock (at SummerSlam or the next ‘Mania) we’ll be lucky. I’ve got a hundred dollar bill that says Rock doesn’t have a match at ‘Mania (not to say he won’t be involved at WM, but in no way will there be a match). Any takers? Didn’t think so. I’d like to once again point out that if I turn out to be wrong, I’ll be the happiest of all. I’ll be able to be a fan of Rock again and if he does wrestle a match it will be far and away more entertaining than anything else on the show. I refuse to fall victim to another letdown though.

          • Steveng says:

            Tell em bruddah! This guy is a fucking dumbass anyway.

          • Derek says:

            Thanks for the support bud, but I’ll fight my own battles. And please try to have a little more class when posting.

          • suto_vu says:

            I’m dumb because I say no one knows for sure what will happen? Isn’t that stating the obvious? You guys don’t work for WWE. You have an idea of what might happen, but you’re just like me: you don’t know squat.

    • Derek says:

      I’m sure it will. The next show is jam-packed full of stars on the last RAW b4 WM.

  2. Janice says:

    The cena atack on miz and alex was awwwwwsome

  3. Brandon says:

    cena had us all foold now that is awwwwwsome

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Duh, Rating are down because we are watching Chris Jericho.

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