WWE RAW Rating Decreases Yet Again

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While the household rating for last night’s WWE Monday Night RAW is still not in, what is known is that the show drew 4.81 million viewers and a 1.65 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic. This was actually down from last week’s 5.14 million viewers (a drop of 6%), and drew the same 1.65 rating amongst adults 18-49 as last week.

Interestingly, it was the first hour that dragged the rating down as it went head-to-head with President Obama’s debt ceiling address and the response by Speaker Boehner, which the announcers took jabs at throughout the broadcast, noting that the show’s opener (the WWE Championship Match) was the “most important” thing on television at the moment. The first hour drew 4.48 million and a 1.5 demo in the first hour (the first hour was down 5% in total viewers and 6% in the demo compared to last week’s 4.70 million and a 1.6 demo). The second hour then increased by 13% in the second hour to 5.13 million viewers and a 1.8 demo. The second hour was up 3% in total viewers and 6% in the demo compared to the second hour last week (last week: 4.98 million, 1.7 demo).

As we noted last week, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was reportedly “shocked” with the rating coming off the much talked-about Money in the Bank pay-per-view last Monday. This rating has to be considered even more disappointing considering that it was the fall-out of last week’s Vince McMahon-Triple H angle as well as having two WWE Championship matches. A source WrestleHeat.com’s Mike Norway spoke to earlier today told him that the WWE’s creative team was told to book a “ratings heavy” show, with two WWE Championship matches booked, a Triple H angle, the return of Jim Ross, and the return of Michael Cole as a central character.

4 Responses to “WWE RAW Rating Decreases Yet Again”

  1. PG era does not = ratings. period.

  2. PG era does not = good ratings. Period.

  3. Qaid says:

    Dumb ass Vice cashin’ in on Cena yet again when Rey was a better candidate to hold the belt. Cat didn’t have the belt for one week, let alone we saw him loose it the ‘same night’ … All you can do is SYDH at it. Rey should’ve kept the belt til next week and Punk should’ve stayed off of RAW til at least Summer Slam … WTF !!!

  4. Extreme_eady says:

    CENA AS CHAMPION =LOW RATINGS  people are sick of cena! he took the title from rey and until wwe relizes people over 8 do not care bout super cena then the ratings will continue to fall.

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