WWE RAW Rating Drops Heading Into SummerSlam PPV

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On the final RAW broadcast before this Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, there was a drop of 6% in the household rating, scoring a 3.09 rating, down from the 3.3 rating last week. The overall viewership was down as well, down 3% to 4.54 million, down from 4.7 million last week.

There wasn’t much of an increase from the first to the second hour to re-assure WWE that viewers were tuning in late as the first hour drew a 3.08 and the second drew a 3.09. Viewership grew about 130,000 viewers from hour-to-hour: from 4.47 million to 4.60 million. No word on what the extended over-run drew, though.

One Response to “WWE RAW Rating Drops Heading Into SummerSlam PPV”

  1. Elvis Maduro says:

    well, when 90% of the broadcast is garbage and Punk is the only one worth watching, how patient do you expect people to be?  the Punk segments overshadow the rest of the show so bad, I wouldn’t be surprised if people tune in to the opening and final segments of the show and nothing else.

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