WWE RAW Ratings Breakdown: How Is The Miz Drawing?, The Rock Draws Big

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As noted before, the February 28th episode of WWE’s Monday Night RAW scored a 3.82 rating with 5.6 million viewers. Male viewership was up 70% this week and The Rock’s interview was the high point with every demographic.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, in a segment breakdown, the show opened at a 3.78 rating with Triple H’s promo and attack on Sheamus. Evan Bourne’s return vs. Sheamus lost 187,000 viewers while the segment with Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Jack Swagger gained 386,000 viewers back. This segment did well for that usual time in the show and ended up being the second-most watched segment this week with a 3.93 rating.

Randy Orton vs. Michael McGillicutty lost 95,000 viewers but the segment with Alex Riley, The Miz and John Cena coming out gained 67,000 back. There’s been a trend in ratings where The Miz is put on a part of the show that usually draws but it’s not drawing with him featured.

The Divas Battle Royal lost 308,000 viewers but The Rock’s promo gained 482,000 back, to a 4.03 rating, in a segment of the show that usually loses viewers. The interview with Shawn Michaels and The Miz attacking Daniel Bryan lost 389,000 viewers. The Cena vs. Riley cage match gained 167,000 viewers in the overrun, ending at a 3.86. This is low for RAW’s usual overrun.

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