WWE RAW Results (10/10/11): Vince McMahon Returns, New GM Announced!

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Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow kicks off with a video package showing what happened last week with the 55 Superstars, referees and crew members walking out on Triple H.

– We go to the arena and there are no announcers sitting at the table. No music plays and fans are waiting around cheering. A camera cuts backstage and the halls look pretty empty besides a few staff members. We see Triple H walk out of his dressing room and look around. He smiles and walks towards the ring as the crowd cheers. Finally his entrance music hits and out Triple H comes to a pop from the crowd.

Triple H says he showed up and the fans showed up. He talks about everyone walking out last week and the crowd boos. Triple H says he never thought he would see it but everyone walked out on Monday Night RAW and walked out on the fans. He talks about them in the parking lot holding a solidarity rally and mocks them for whining about working conditions. Triple H says they all have their wrestling gear but none of them will step into the building to perform for the fans, unless he steps down.

Triple H asks the fans what should he do. Should he walk away? Should he quit? The fans say no. Triple H says maybe he should go but he’s never been a quitter – it’s just not in him. Triple H gets hyped and says he won’t give in. He says everyone in the parking lot can pucker up real nice and kiss his ass. He doesn’t care if he has to take off his suit and wrestle a broomstick fo 2 hours, he will. He’s wrestled most of the guys in the parking lot and the broomstick would give him a better match than some. Triple H says he is giving the fans a show tonight and the crowd pops. John Cena’s music hits and out he comes.

Cena tells the camera it’s about to get serious and hits the ring to some boo’s from the crowd. Cena says there’s a reason he wasn’t involved in the walkout last week. Same reason he hasn’t addressed the press or fans online. Cena says a lot of people think the 55 Superstars would be stronger if he was added to the list. Cena says all 55 of them has contacted him personally and asked him to join them. Cena says Triple H hasn’t even reached out to him. Cena goes on and talks about working for Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff, calling them two of the most humble guys ever. He talks about working for Vickie Guerrero, RAW guest hosts, an anonymous General Manager and Mike Adamle. Cena isn’t here to tell Triple H he’s his best friend, he’s here to tell him he’s his boss and he is staying. Cena loves WWE and loves the unsafe work place. He is staying because the word loyalty on his sleeve is a principle, not a word. Cena says his loyalty lies in our living rooms and with each one of the fans here – whether they love him or hate him. Come hell or high water, John Cena stays on RAW, he says. The music of Sheamus hits and out he comes to a pop.

Sheamus comes out and talks about his past with Triple H. He was trying to make a name for himself by taking Triple H out, he says. He says Triple H didn’t file a lawsuit or anything – he came back and gave him an ass whooping. Sheamus says they both know it would be different today, but he has a lot of respect for Triple H. Sheamus says lately he has tried to stick to the same principles Triple H has. He won’t take part in some parking lot shenanigans and sit out there with the losers. He left his family and came thousands of miles to be a part of RAW. CM Punk’s music hits and out he comes to another big pop.

Punk says he feels like he’s responsible for this. He’s been at the center of everything controversial and made walking out cool. He says those in the parking lot understand what he was trying to do. But his contract expired, he didn’t walk out. He was trying to prove something to an entire company, not one man. Punk talks about his recent troubles with Triple H and Kevin Nash, picking on how slow Nash moves. Punk says this industry is based on men solving their differences in the ring. Punk says he thrives on unsafe working conditions. This is professional wrestling, not ballet. Punk goes on and says here he is but asks what do they do now? Triple H says we do what we do on RAW – we shut up and fight. Triple H announces Sheamus vs. John Cena with himself as the special referee. Triple H tells Punk he can do commentary and say anything he’d like. Punk asks if he can wear Triple H’s blazer and he says yes. Punk says he’s in and puts on Triple H’s jacket before going to commentary. Triple H asks him to ring the bell and says it will be double pay. Punk rings the bell and kicks off commentary.

The results for tonight’s Monday Night RAW continue on the next page.

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8 Responses to “WWE RAW Results (10/10/11): Vince McMahon Returns, New GM Announced!”

  1. Guest says:

    They should of fired cole instead of JR. we dont need that fat ass tool

  2. guest says:

    Unbelievable.. Why is J.R always treated like the laughing stock of wwe?? Why bring him back to mock and make fun of, only use him as a spare on pay per views, have michael cole bash him constantly, and then fire him for doing what every one else did? STOP GOING BACK JR! YOU DESERVE BETTER! “Fans love him and so do the wrestlers? Well shit.. Let’s call him fat and then fire him! LOL.”

  3. Pbared1427 says:

    if they keep John Laurnitis and do not bring jr back i am threw watching wrestling i have been a loyal fan for over 15 years but this takes the cake. this is the worst thing that Vince has done

  4. Victorydevils_11 says:

    same thing continue in wwe……i sware i will stop watching wwe…..

  5. MDPB2009 says:

    My husband has been been an active fan of WWE for over 27 years now and he is very upset with what happened on wrestling and has decided that he will no longer be watching Monday Night Raw from here on out. We all know that Laurenitis set HHH up from the get-go because he is a worthless,self-centered,and arrogant piece of crap. If anyone should have been fired tonight it should have been Michael Cole, since he loves all the drama and adding more drama every Monday night. If anyone should have been hired as the new GM. We would have rather seen CM PUNK hired as GM, at least he would have made things more entertaining and eventful minus the outrageous BS. As for JR being fired, that was wrong…really really wrong.

  6. Charles cowling says:

     i fell that triple h is doing a grat gob

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