WWE RAW Results (10/17/11) From Mexico City

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Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow kicks off with the normal opening videos before the pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to Mexico City for the first-ever RAW tapings from Mexico.

We go to the ring and Justin Roberts introduces John Laurinaitis. The crowd boos as Laurinaitis makes his way to the ring as we see a replay from last week where Triple H was relieved of his duties.

Laurinaitis introduces himself to the crowd. He says tonight marks the return of Rey Mysterio and the crowd pops. Returning to San Diego to see his doctor, Laurinaitis says. He won’t be here tonight. The crowd boo’s and Laurinaitis says he was just kidding. Laurinaitis says the Mexican people have no sense of humor. He says while the Board looks for a permanent General Manager, he will see to it that he does his job right. Laurinaitis says he won’t let the Board down and won’t let the fans down. Laurinaitis talks about firing Jim Ross last week. Laurinaitis introduces Ross and out he comes to a nice reaction from the crowd.

Ross goes to take a seat on commentary but Laurinaitis asks him to come in the ring for a public apology. Laurinaitis hugs Ross and the crowd boos him. Laurinaitis plays it up and says he didn’t bring Ross to commentate tonight. Laurinaitis shows footage from last week during commercial where Michael Cole led Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez in singing goodbye to Ross. Laurinaitis thinks that Ross and Cole should settle their differences on RAW tonight. Laurinaitis announces Cole and Del Rio vs. Ross and John Cena for tonight. JR’s music hits and he has words with Cole from the ring.

Randy Orton, Sheamus and John Morrison and vs. Christian, Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes

Randy Orton’s music hits and out he comes to a monster ovation from the crowd. Orton poses for the crowd as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and we see a replay from last week of Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton. The match is announced for Vengeance. John Morrison makes his way out to the ring followed by Sheamus. Out next comes Christian followed by WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. Orton starts the match out with Christian. They go to lock up and Christian kicks Orton. Orton comes back with a leapfrog and a big clothesline. Orton mounts Christian with right hands in the corner.

Orton with a big uppercut and a tag to Sheamus. Christian tags in Rhodes. They lock up and Cody applies a headlock. Sheamus breaks it and drops him with a shoulder. Sheamus works Cody over in the corner now and beats him down with forearm shots and then stomps. Cody ends up knocking Orton off the ramp. Sheamus back drops Cody. Orton and Cody end up on the floor brawling. They fight up the ramp and Orton chases Cody to the back as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Henry is working over Morrison. Christian comes in off the top but misses a crossbody. Morrison springboards and hits one for a 2 count. Morrison with a kick to the face and another 2 count. Christian goes for Killswitch but Morrison blocks it. Morrison takes Christian down for another 2 count. Christian with a neckbreaker and tag to Henry. Henry comes in and continues to beat up Morrison. Henry stands on Morrison’s chest and tags Christian back in. Christian tries to stop the tag but Morrison kicks him in the head. Henry comes in and stops Morrison from tagging Sheamus. Henry applies a bear hug to Morrison now.

Henry rams Morrison back into the corner. Henry charges but gets caught with an elbow and a kick. Morrison goes for a tornado DDT and ends up on the apron. Morrison pulls Henry’s neck down over the ropes, comes in and takes his knee out. Christian runs over and stops Sheamus from tagging. Sheamus and Christian brawl up into the crowd. Back in the ring, Morrison dodges Henry and kicks him off the second rope. Morrison hits kicks and punches. Henry catches him off the ropes, lifts him and nails the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

Winners: Mark Henry, Christian and Cody Rhodes

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