WWE RAW Results: The Bella Twins vs. Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres

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The Bella Twins vs. Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres: Back from commercial and WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella is in the ring with her sister Nikki. Out next comes their opponents Eve and Kelly Kelly. Eve locks up with one of the Bellas and knocks her down with a shoulder. Eve with an arm drag now. Back and forth until Eve hits a roll-up for 2. Eve goes for a submission now. The referee gets distracted, allowing Nikki to come in for a cheap shot and the typical twins switch. The Bellas tag each other out a few times and work Eve over in their corner. Double teaming leads to a 2 count.

More double teaming on the ropes and more tags. Eve fights out of a headlock and suplexes one of the Bellas overhead. Eve tags in Kelly finally. Kelly comes in with a Thesz Press and several punches. Kelly spanks one of the Bellas and takes her down with a headscissors. Kelly does a stinkface in the corner and then a bulldog for 2. Eve comes in and dropkicks the other Bella and they go to the floor. Kelly hits her leg drop for the pin and the win.

Winners: Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly

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