WWE RAW Results: Cole Interviews Alex Riley, Riley & The Miz Brawl

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Back from the break and Michael Cole is in the ring. He talks about The Miz firing Alex Riley last week from his personal services contract. Cole says the RAW GM has re-hired Riley over the past few days for some reason he can’t figure out. Cole shows us footage from last week where The Miz and Riley fought. A newly babyface turned Riley comes out to his own theme music and video as the crowd applauds.

Cole says never in the history of WWE has there ever been such treachery and backstabbing. Cole asks Riley how could he do that to Miz. Cole says Miz nurtured and protected Riley, helped him grow. Cole says Riley attacked his own mentor. Cole says Miz is emotionally scarred from the attack. Cole says Miz thought of Riley as a brother. Cole asks how Riley can justify his actions from last week. Riley takes the mic and says he’s never felt better in his life. Cole tells Riley he should get down on his knees and beg Miz for forgiveness. Cole says Riley has no idea what Miz is capable of. Cole goes on and Riley tells him to shut up. Riley says Cole is just like Miz – annoying, arrogant and has a big mouth. Cole says he’s none of those things and neither is Miz.

Cole calls Riley a bastard and goes to walk off. Riley grabs him and says the interview isn’t over. Riley throws Cole to the mat and starts yelling at him. Riley picks Cole up but Miz rushes to the ring and attacks him. Miz stomps away on Riley after kicking him in the head. Miz continues the attack until Riley spears him and hits him with right hands. Miz runs out of the ring but Riley tackles him on the ramp. Riley brings the fight back to ringside and throws Miz over the fan barrier near the timekeepers area. Riley leaps onto Miz and continues to beat him up. Riley throws him across the announcer’s table. Miz finally runs off and through the crowd, to the back. Riley’s music hits as he stands in the ring to a pop.

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