WWE RAW Results: Shawn Michaels Appears Live From Las Vegas

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Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a live shot from the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler lead us to the RAW Roulette wheel where Booker T is giving it a spin. We go to the ring and Shawn Michaels’ music hits. Out comes the Hall of Famer to a big pop from the crowd.

Shawn comes out and says he really tried to stay away but just couldn’t do it. HBK asks how could he possibly leave all this as the crowd chants his name. Shawn says it’s tough – 20 plus years of doing something, you can’t just stop cold turkey. Shawn says he missed the fans and it’s them who made him the Showstopper, Mr. WrestleMania and Mr. Hall of Fame. Shawn says he’s not a guest host tonight, he’s just here but other guests hosts have bugged him as they always have a new movie or something to plug. Shawn then plugs his new show on the Outdoor Channel, sarcastically. Shawn plugs his Twitter and is interrupted by CM Punk’s music. Punk comes out with David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, the WWE Tag Team Champions. They say Mason Ryan isn’t here because he suffered an injury over the weekend.

Nexus enters the ring and Punk takes the mic. He says HBK’s personality is so addictive that he couldn’t stay away from the spotlights. Punk brings up how he’s leaving WWE on July 17th. Shawn says that means no fans will have to see or hear from Punk again and that’s a win-win. Punk says it is – that’s what he wants and what the fans want. Punk says Shawn lost to Undertaker when he left WWE. Punk says he will win when he leaves WWE, and leave the WWE Champion. Shawn asks if Punk has ran all this by John Cena yet. Punk has no doubts that he will leave Money in the Bank with Cena’s WWE Title. Punk says one of the reasons he’s leaving is the fans. Punk acknowledges that Shawn was better than him but says there’s nobody that can hold a candle to him now. Punk asks if this is a challenge from Shawn.

Shawn says they are alike in some ways but at the end of the day, Punk has his style and Shawn has his… Shawn lays Otunga out with Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. Punk tells Shawn he just made the biggest mistake of his life. The e-mail alert goes off to a big chorus of boo’s. Michael Cole steps up to read the General Manager’s announcement. The GM says since Punk only has 3 RAW shows left, they’re going to make it count. Punk is in the first match tonight and it’s time to spin the wheel. We go backstage to Booker T and the RAW Roulette wheel. He goes over some of the choices on the wheel. Booker spins the wheel and Punks match will be a “Mystery” match as it lands on a question mark. This means Punk has a mystery opponent and it’s revealed to be Kane, who is standing right beside the wheel. HBK lays out McGillicutty with Sweet Chin Music now and tells Punk good luck.

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