WWE RAW Results: Sin Cara vs Evan Bourne

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No Count Out Match: Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne

Back from the break and out comes Sin Cara for the next RAW Roulette match. Out next comes Evan Bourne to another nice reaction. The bell rings and they start to go at it but we forgot something. The referee stops them and we go to Booker T backstage with the wheel. Eve Torres appears and spins the wheel. We’ve got a No Count Out Match. The bell rings again and here we go.

The match starts with lots of back and forth action on the mat and then trading of holds. Cara tosses Bourne with a hip toss off the ropes and some high flying offense. Cara sends Bourne to the floor and slides outside of the ring. They face off and run back in the ring. They trade kicks. Cara rolls Bourne up. Bourne stomps on his chest and gets a 2 count. A Power Ranger chant breaks out in the crowd. Bourne ducks a kick but gets sent across the ring and back out to the floor. Cara runs and dives through the ropes, landing on Bourne and the floor.

Bourne counters Cara on the floor and takes him down on his head. Bourne brings Cara back in the ring. Cara misses a dropkick and Bourne rolls him up for a 2 count. Cara counters another roll up and gets a 2 count of his own. Bourne drops Cara with a big knee to the head and another near fall. Bourne rCuns into boots in the corner. Cara with a springboard into a pin attempt for 2. Bourne kicks Cara down and hits a standing moonsault for 2. Cara ducks a kick but Bourne connects with the next one. Bourne goes up top for Air Bourne but Cara rolls out of the way. Bourne lands on his feet. Cara with an impressive headscissors into a cutter for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sin Cara

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