WWE RAW & SmackDown! SuperShow Results From East Rutherford, NJ (6/18/11)

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Site contributor Rob B. attended last night’s WWE RAW & SmackDown branded SuperShow live event from East Rutherford, New Jersey, and sent in the following report and notes from the show. If you ever attend a WWE or TNA event and would like to contribute a news report/notes from the show you attended, or have wrestling news in general that you would like to be shared with our viewers, please e-mail us at Webmaster@WrestleHeat.com. Thanks! Below is the report Rob sent in:

I found it funny most shirts at the stand are $ 30 while Cena’s shirts are 25. Both sides of the arena 200 sections have a black curtain over them. Guess they didn’t sell out those seats.

1st match up is Evan Bourne vs. Sheamus. Sheamus said last night he suffered a concussion but despite that being a great athlete he will still compete tonight. It was a decent match a few near falls. Sheamus used the “concussion” at the start of the match. Sheamus set up for the Celtic Cross, missed, tried the Brogue Kick but missed. Bourne got 2 kicks to head and hit Air Bourne for the 123.

Kelly Kelly says there is some kind of contest but I couldn’t understand her. The Bellas came out to attack Kelly but Beth Phoenix came in for the save. Then the Raw GM (oh god!) emails in and announces Beth vs. Brie Bella up now. The Bellas tried “twin magic” but Kelly was still at ring side and stopped it. Beth did her finisher on Brie for the 123. This was a typical divas match.

IC title match up next Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson. Good back and forth match. Wade did a beautiful side walk slam but Jackson dominated the match. Wade still rolled up Jackson and held the ropes for the 123.

Daniel Bryan vs. Christian was next. This match was pretty good with a lot of back and forth action. Bryan locked in the LaBell Lock but Christian got to the ropes. Christian got the win with the Killswitch. A lot of cheers for Christian. So far this heel thing isn’t working too much, at least here.

There were a lot of Zack Ryder mini chants from the start of the event.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and starts his usual promo but Big Show cuts him off and before the introduction of Show is finished her went right after Del Rio and was all over him. Del Rio got very little offense in and it was basically a squash match. Big Show got the win when Alberto came off the top rope in to a choke slam.

Cody Rhodes comes out and has two guys handing out paper bags. Cody has Tony Chimmel announce him again and gets on the mic talks about Rey Mysterio and what he did to him. He also said he will be facing him again soon. Sin Cara comes out with trampoline. Cara got the win over Rhodes with a version of a sun set flip. Other than the high spots, which looked great live, every thing else he did looked forced and he wasn’t comfortable.

Kelly Kelly is back out. Still can’t understand her. She did a dance contest with 4 fans, 2 kids and 2 adults…A surprising note, the winner of the dance contest could meet any WWE superstar they wanted. When one of the kids won, Kelly asked who he wanted to meet and suggested John Cena. The kid said Big Show instead. And now we go to intermission.

The next match is a WWE Tag Title match, New Nexus vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov. Mason Ryan is huge live!! And the tag belts look not so great. Santino starts off with Otunga. Santino is doing the comedy and teased The Cobra a few times. Michael McGillicutty got the pin on Kozlov with a swinging neck breaker after Mason Ryan get involved while Santino and Otunga fought on the outside distracting the ref (Little Guido).

They announce Bret Bart will be appearing at the Smack down house show in white plains ny.

Next match up is US Title match: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler, with out Vickie Guerrero. Kofi got the pin. I didn’t catch the finish due to being distracted but there were several near falls. Dolph kicked out of Trouble in Paradise. Good match.

Main event time up next, WWE title match: John Cena vs. R-Truth, The Miz, and CM Punk. Miz is out first. Miz takes the mic and talks about tomorrow’s PPV match with Alex Riley and rips on the crowd for the “what” chant. Miz gives a good long promo and Alex ran in for the beat down and runs off Miz.

The match was changed to a Triple Threat. R-Truth came out with mic I hand, saying hi to little Jimmys wearing John Cena shirts along the entrance way. He says he will win the WWE Title tonight. Punk was out next. Big pop for Punk. He seems to be enjoying it. He got on the mic and starts blahing, saying nothing but blah. There was a music screw up and they played Punk’s music for Cena by mistake but got it corrected right away. Huge pop for Cena. Punk tried to silence the people but no luck. Cena is the only one who does speak. Punk looks to be having fun. Truth goes to the outside of the ring as Punk and Cena start.

After a little back with Cena and Punk, Punk gets on the mic and tells Truth, who is still outside the ring, that he pinned Cena on Monday and truth pinned Cena to get the title match tomorrow on the PPV so go to the back and let him and Cena wrestle for the title. Truth comes in to the ring and Cena and Punk double team him for a bit, then Truth goes to the outside again and doesn’t come back in until both Cena and Punk are down. Punk is out on the floor. Truth was working over Cena when Cena comes back and dumps Truth on the floor. Punk comes back in and works over Cena. Cena gets dumped on the floor. Punk and truth go at it. Cena kicks out of the Punk kick that had knocked out others like Big Show. He slaps on the STF, but Truth makes the save. Truth is sent to the stairs outside and the ref goes out to check on him, which allows punk to take 2 chair shots and Cena wins with the AA to send everyone home happy.