WWE RAW Takes Ratings Hit Against Strong Monday Night Football Game

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Against a juggernaut NFL Monday Night Football game featuring the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles drawing 16.84 million viewers with a 6.9 rating among adults 18-49 — up 29% in viewers from last week’s game and up 32% in adults 18-49 — WWE RAW took a dip in the ratings week-to-week last night (11/7/11).

RAW drew 4.02 million viewers overall throughout its two-hour broadcast, down 10% from last week’s 4.49 million viewers. More troubling for the long-running pro wrestling program was that the broadcast dipped 7% from the first hour to second, dropping from 4.17 million in the 9PM EST hour to 3.86 million in its second hour. Overall, the show drew a 1.65 rating among adults 18-49 throughout its two-hour telecast, down 5% from last week’s 1.75.

UPDATE: The broadcast drew a 2.88 cable rating last night, down 7% from last week’s telecast. This was the lowest rating the series has drawn all year along aside from the Fourth of July holiday airing earlier this year.

One Response to “WWE RAW Takes Ratings Hit Against Strong Monday Night Football Game”

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey Jim Adler or writers of Wrestleheat.  I got one suggestion for you guys.  Play on a fair battle field.  Impact Wrestling went up against one of the greatest WORLD SERIES games ever in game 6 and falls from a 1.24 to a 1.10.  You guys title that article, Impact Ratings take big dip from last week.  Freaking WWE goes up against a simple MNF game that is only watched because of Michael Vick, and you defend them by saying
    WWE RAW Takes Ratings Hit Against Strong Monday Night Football Game…  Get real.  Stop playing one side of the fence and realize that the viewership of WWE is going down.  At least title it WWE Raw takes a big drop in ratings under its 3.0 standard. 

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