WWE Re-Introduces Original Intercontinental Title (Photo), HIAC Dark Match

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Prior to tonight’s PPV from New Orleans, Daniel Bryan defeated JTG in a dark match via the STF.

WWE debuted a modified version of the original WWE Intercontinental Championship during tonight’s Hell in a Cell broadcast. Cody Rhodes came out and introduced the original belt before getting involved in an impromptu match-up with John Morrison. Rhodes did retain the title, however. Below is a snapshot of Rhodes with the new belt, courtesy of WWE.com.

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8 Responses to “WWE Re-Introduces Original Intercontinental Title (Photo), HIAC Dark Match”

  1. I like that they brought it back, but I do not like that Cody Rhodes says he will represent it better then any of the GREATS!!! 

  2. NOBODY Could represent better than the late Randy Savage! Psh! NO WAY!

  3. Dustin says:

    Ummm, thats not the original. It’s a new design INSPIRED by the original. The main plate isn’t as wide, the “textured” look to the background wasn’t on the original, and the side plates are completely different all together.

    • Mightycloud82 says:

      the belt you mention wasn’t the original either. that was the 3rd version of the title. the belt macho won from tito was created when the hammer destroyed that green and silver belt on the stell cage and before that there was another belt on a red strap

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