WWE Releases Fourth 1/2/12 Vignette Entitled ‘Control’ (Video)

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WWE released its latest edition of a cryptic video tonight on the Slammy Awards broadcast of RAW. The 55 second clip once again features the young boy that was featured in the first three installments, but the girl that was introduced last week has a starring role.

The clip, entitled “control2012” features the boy asking when his coming will be. The boy then says that it all depends on when the girl tells us because “she holds the mystery of my arrival, my rebirth.” The vignette continues, “for when I beckon her, I will return to claim what is mine and think she will never be the same again.”

The clip once again references the second day of 2012, which happens to take place on a Monday night when RAW emanates from Memphis. The boy in a voice-over once again claims that the night will be “the end of the world as you know it.” The word “Control” then flashes at the end of the clip before it fades to black.