WWE Royal Rumble News: Booker T-Kevin Nash Future, Surprises, Jericho?

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In an interview with BetweenTheRopes.com on Friday, WWE star Chris Jericho was asked whether his fans were mad at his statement about not being at WrestleMania 27. “They’re mad when I said I was planning on being on Raw the next week after my contract ended or any of the pay-per-views,” Jericho said. “People are convinced that I’m going to be at the Royal Rumble. And the thing is, even if I was I wouldn’t tell anybody. I might be at the Royal Rumble. If I was going to be there, I wouldn’t trumpet it and tell the world. That’s not how I operate.” To read more, visit BetweenTheRopes.com.

According to Alex Riley and Wade Barrett’s Facebook pages, another surprise entrant in tonight’s Royal Rumble match will be Charles Wright (formerly Papa Shango and The Godfather). We at the site will be providing free coverage of the 2011 Royal Rumble starting at 7:45PM EST. We hope to see you here tonight!

Both Kevin Nash and Booker T are scheduled for the Royal Rumble tonight, and are in Boston right now. For those interested, Nash is sporting darker hair now. Booker T’s role going forward with WWE isn’t clear right now, but it is expected he will be a manager rather than a wrestler. As for Nash, he is only scheduled to work the Rumble tonight but there is talk he will continue on with WWE in a non-wrestling capacity.

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