WWE Signs Mexican Lucha Averno – The Reason Why Revealed

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According to Super Luchas, WWE has signed Averno, a heel Lucha who has worked for CMLL for years in the past. He also had a heated feud with current WWE Superstar Sin Cara when he was known as Mistico. As of now, there is no word on how WWE will be using him, but the feeling backstage is that they need to load up on Mexican star in anticipation for their RAW and SmackDown! tapings in Mexico this upcoming October.

Averno actually tried out for WWE this past October along with Sin Cara, but WWE ultimately picked to go with Sin Cara at the time. One reason many backstage think WWE signed Averno is because the company has been relatively unhappy with Cara’s performance in the company, which is why he was moved from RAW to SmackDown during the WWE Draft. McMahon is a fan of his work, but is not a fan of all the botches he does in the ring.

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