WWE SmackDown! Spoilers For 11/11/11

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Mohammed N. and Ben are at tonight’s WWE SmackDown! taping from Liverpool, England, which airs this Friday night at 8PM EST, 7 CT on SyFy. Below are results from this Friday’s broadcast as well as the dark match and results for NXT Thursday on WWE.com:

Dark Match: Justin Gabriel beat local wrestler Matthew O’Kay.

WWE NXT: Rookie Challenge opens the show. Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman vs. Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil is set for tonight.

* Tyson Kidd beat Trent Baretta in a great match.

* Jimmy Uso beat JTG.

* Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman beat Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson.

Superstars: Daniel Bryan beat William Regal in the match of the night so far, exciting, fans into it and great.

SmackDown: Randy Orton opens the show and talks about the 5-on-5 elimination match. Wade Barrett comes out and says his team will be the victors at Survivor Series. Christian comes out in a neck brace. They beat Orton down which brings out Sheamus to make the save. Teddy Long interrupts and makes Sheamus vs. Christian and Orton vs. Barrett for tonight.

* Sheamus beat Christian in a solid match.

* Backstage segment with AJ Lee, Kaitlyn and Daniel Bryan talking about his Money in the Bank. Mark Henry walks in and dares Bryan to cash in. Bryan vs. Henry is tonight.

* Backstage segment with Alicia Fox, Aksana and Teddy Long.

* Ted DiBiase squashed Jinder Mahal.

* Mark Henry beat Daniel Bryan and attacked him after the match. Bryan took a chair from Henry and turned things around. Henry took it and pummeled Bryan with World’s Strongest Slams. Henry went to break Bryan’s leg but Big Show came out. Henry kept Show from entering the ring and hit Bryan with the chair while looking at Show. Show and Henry had a stare down before Show cut a promo.

* Big Show took his frustration out and squashed three local wrestlers in a handicap match. Henry came back out and cut a promo on Show and their Survivor Series match.

* Alicia Fox beat Tamina.

* Backstage segment with Sheamus and Matt Striker.

* Epico and Hunico defeated The Usos. Primo Colon was with them and after the match, Primo, Epico and Hunico beat The Usos down and Hunico cut a promo in Spanish.

* Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton with a roll-up. Solid match and performances from both of them.

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