WWE SmackDown Taping Results For Tonight (2/18/11)

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The following are the full spoilers for tonight’s WWE SmackDown, airing at 8PM EST on SyFy. The show is the 600th episode of the long-running series. As a quick reminder, when SmackDown goes on the air, WrestleHeat.com Radio will be live on the air, starting at 8PM EST. We hope you are able to join us. As for the show, here are the full spoilers for tonight’s show:

The 600th episode of the show opened with a video package commemorating the show’s history through 599 episodes.

We head right into our first match, which is the 12-person tag match. Each wrestler got his own entrance, which made the whole thing take forever. Heel team was Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, CM Punk, Kane, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus; face team was John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Edge, R-Truth and John Morrison. Rey spent probably more than half the match getting beaten down, but finally tagged out. A free-for-all between the teams resulted in every guy hitting his finisher on someone. Rey hit a double 619 on McIntyre and Ziggler, allowing Edge to come in and spear Ziggler for the pin. As Edge celebrated in the ring, Vickie came out, said he is not the champion, accused him of taking out Teddy Long, and then fired him. She reminded us that Dolph will be coronated as champion later in the show.

Following a recap of Rey Mysterio breaking Cody Rhodes’ nose a few weeks ago, we go to Todd Grisham interviewing Cody somewhere in an “undisclosed location.” Cody, wearing a clear protective face mask, said his doctors have approved him to travel, and he will be back next week to make an announcement.

The divas were up next, as Eve and Beth Phoenix took on Layla and Maryse (with Michelle McCool on commentary). Maryse started the match by offering a handful of cash to Beth if she’d go to the back. Beth slapped the money away, then went to work on Maryse. Before long, Michelle turned up on the apron to distract the referee, allowing a double-team that resulted in a pin for the heels.

Next match was Kofi Kingston vs The Miz. Back at Wrestlemania VI, the WWF champ vs the IC champ was the main event; nowadays, the matchup apparently just gets thrown into the middle of a free TV show, with no build or anything. Not a bad match. Kofi was on the verge of winning, but Alberto del Rio came to ringside to distract Kofi, allowing Miz to sneak up from behind and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Afterward, as Kofi lay on the mat, del Rio came into the ring and stood over him, putting the badmouth on him before leaving without anything physical happening.

The tag titles were on the line next, as Santino and Kozlov defended against Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. The rest of the Corre came to ringside shortly after the match started. Santino hit the cobra, and Corre hit the ring. The ref DQ’d the Corre team, but the beatdown continued until the Big Show came down and cleaned house. Ezekiel Jackson teased getting into the ring with Show after everyone had been thrown out, but instead retreated to the back.

Crew members set up a red carpet inside the ring, meaning it was coronation time. Having come to the ring together, Vickie presented Dolph with the belt, but as he walked around the ring showing it off, Teddy Long suddenly appeared at the top of the stage. After coming to the ring, Teddy confronted Vickie, who repeatedly denied any involvement in his attack. Finally, she confessed by blaming it on Dolph. Teddy said he is back, and was immediately not only rehiring Edge, but giving him an immediate title match.

The match itself was good but fairly short, with Edge hitting the spear out of nowhere to pick up the pin. As he celebrated, Teddy Long came back out, and announced that Dolph Ziggler was officially fired.

Edge grabbed the mic, saying that he was on the first episode of Smackdown, and now won the championship on its 600th installment. He led the crowd in a “Hey Hey Hey Goodbye” singalong for Dolph, who went to the back as confetti poured down from the rafters.

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