WWE Star The Undertaker In Bad Shape Heading Into WrestleMania

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Following comments by Kevin Nash that The Undertaker was told by Dr. James Andrews of Birmingham, Alabama that since he waited to long to repair his torn rotator cuff that he literally couldn’t operate on to fix it, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Undertaker isn’t expected to get full strength back in his shoulder and it could be the big catalyst for his career winding down soon.

The Undertaker will obviously work his match with Triple H at the WrestleMania pay-per-view in less than a month, but Triple H is expected to carry most of the match considering Undertaker is in bad shape these days. However, it should be noted that Undertaker takes pride in his WrestleMania performances and will want to look strong out there and will not to be looked upon like he is being carried by Triple H, so he will work through the injuries.

One Response to “WWE Star The Undertaker In Bad Shape Heading Into WrestleMania”

  1. Derek says:

    He’ll work through his injury like he’s done so many times in the past. Anybody remember that he had a broken foot going into that famed Hell In A Cell match against ManKind? And ‘Taker had to practically ‘bottle feed’ Foley through the end of that match. Mark is an unbelievably dedicated talent, and as long as he’s breathing he’ll make sure ‘Mania is something to remember.

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