More WWE Stars Comment On CM Punk’s WWE RAW ‘Shoot’

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Coming off the heels of CM Punk’s worked shoot during last night’s WWE RAW from Las Vegas, Nevada that has generated more buzz than probably even WWE thought it would bring in, more current and former WWE stars have commented on last night’s promo at the end of the show, including more tweets from WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, Chris Jericho, Stone Cold Steve Austin, MVP, and Mick Foley:

Jim Ross: [The CM Punk] promo created an Attitude Era buzz. [It] ‘almost’ made me miss weekly travel. Whether one wants to over think [the CM Punk] classic promo or not, its damn sure got people talking. Isn’t that the point?

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin: Ladies and germs-I have no idea why CM Punk wore my shirt tonight, but it looked damn good on him…thanks @AverageJoeArt for the design.

Chris Jericho: Congrats to CM Punk and Vince McMahon for doing something tonight that hasn’t been done in awhile…make history.

MVP: My verdict after watching the CM Punk promo, he just had his Austin 3:16 moment. Don’t f–k this one up, WWE.

Mick Foley: I have no idea where this CM Punk thing might go, but I know I’ll be watching. Captivating stuff.