WWE SummerSlam Results: Edge Makes Surprise Appearance

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Prior to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, Christian out to talk about his big announcement. He says that he is a man of integrity, unlike Teddy Long or Randy Orton, even Triple H. Christian says he keeps his promises and introduces who will be in his corner tonight – his best friend, Edge! Edge’s music hits and out he comes to a major pop from the crowd.

Edge comes to the ring and hugs Christian. Edge takes the mic and talks about how doctors told him he can never compete again. The crowd boo’s and Edge agrees with them. Edge says when he left, he was happy, because he felt like he was part of passing the torch to Christian. He felt like he cracked the door open for Christian and he kicked it through. Edge says it was unfair Teddy Long made him defend the title the first time days after a ladder match. Edge talks about Christian has complained week after week, whined and moaned. Edge says Christian got back the title but he did it by DQ. Edge admits he did some bad things in the ring but always did it with style. Edge says he didn’t hide behind lawyers or clipboards. Edge says Christian has become a disgrace to himself. Edge says Christian is better than that. Edge says they will be best friends forever but he needs to hear this. Edge didn’t know his best friend would become a whiny little bitch. Edge drops the mic and walks off to the back as Christian yells at him to come back. Christian is pissed as Randy Orton makes his entrance to a big pop.

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