WWE SummerSlam Results: Randy Orton vs Christian (World Title)

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No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Randy Orton vs. Christian

Out first comes the World Heavyweight Champion Christian. He talk about his big announcement and says he is a man of integrity, unlike Teddy Long or Randy Orton, even Triple H. Christian says he keeps his promises and introduces who will be in his corner tonight – his best friend, Edge! Edge’s music hits and out he comes to a major pop from the crowd.

Edge comes to the ring and hugs Christian. Edge takes the mic and talks about how doctors told him he can never compete again. The crowd boo’s and Edge agrees with them. Edge says when he left, he was happy, because he felt like he was part of passing the torch to Christian. He felt like he cracked the door open for Christian and he kicked it through. Edge says it was unfair Teddy Long made him defend the title the first time days after a ladder match. Edge talks about Christian has complained week after week, whined and moaned. Edge says Christian got back the title but he did it by DQ. Edge admits he did some bad things in the ring but always did it with style. Edge says he didn’t hide behind lawyers or clipboards. Edge says Christian has become a disgrace to himself. Edge says Christian is better than that. Edge says they will be best friends forever but he needs to hear this. Edge didn’t know his best friend would become a whiny little bitch. Edge drops the mic and walks off to the back as Christian yells at him to come back. Christian is pissed as Randy Orton makes his entrance to a big pop.

We get formal ring introductions before the bell. Christian is still upset and runs his mouth after the bell. Orton strikes with a right hand and they go at it. Orton takes Christian to the corner and beats Christian down. Christian fights back out of the corner with big rights of his own. Orton counters and drops Christian on the apron. Christian counters and drops Orton over the ropes. Christian goes to the top and hits a flying elbow for a 1 count. Christian beats Orton down in the corner now and rakes at his face. Orton fights back and stomps away on Christian. Orton with a big knee drop and a 2 count.

Christian gets Orton on the ropes again and stands on his back. Orton tries to come back but Christian counters again and sends Orton out to the floor. Orton falls on his shoulder. Christian comes out after him but Orton pulls him into the barrier. Orton takes apart the announcer’s table and takes Christian over to it. Orton goes for an RKO through the table but Christian blocks it. Christian grabs the World Title and runs through the crowd. Orton follows him up the steps and catches him. Orton beats Christian back down through the fans. Orton drops Christian on the steps and stands on his head. Orton smile as the crowd pops. Orton tosses Christian over the barrier and brings him back in the ring. Orton takes Christian to the corner and mounts him with a series of right hands.

Orton charges in the corner but Christian moves and he hits the ring post with his shoulder. Christian goes outside of the ring after Orton. Christian gets a kendo stick from under the ring and brings it in. Christian hits Orton in the gut with the stick and then wails away at his hurt shoulder. Orton goes down and Christian shoves the stick in his throat. Christian covers for a 2 count. Christian charges in the corner with the kendo stick but Orton blocks him. Orton tries to come back but Christian drops him with a back elbow. 2 count for Christian. Christian charges in the corner now but Orton moves and rolls him up for a close 2 count. Orton fights back with kicks and an uppercut now. Christian catches him with a big spinebuster and another 2 count. Christian goes back to the foor as we see Orton’s mouth is busted open. Christian brings the kendo stick back in and goes to the second rope. Christian comes off the second rope with the stick but Orton dropkicks him in mid-air.

Orton works over Christian now and catches him in a big powerslam. Orton grabs the kendo stick now but Christian blocks the shot and kicks him in the mouth. Christian comes off the second rope but Orton catches him in a jacknife pin for 2. Christian with a big right hand. Christian runs the ropes but Orton hits a Thesz Press and series of right hands. Orton catches Christian on the apron and goes for the second rope DDT. Christian counters and goes for Killswitch. Orton counters it and hits the backbreaker for a 2 count. Orton smiles showing off his bloody mouth. Orton goes for the punt kick but Christian slides out of the ring. Christian pulls Orton’s legs out and goes to wrap them around the ring post. Orton kicks him off and Christian goes down on the floor. Orton goes under the ring and pulls out a table.

Orton pulls out another table and brings that one in the ring. He goes back to the floor but Christian rams him into the apron. Christian sets up the other table on the floor. They fight at ringside now. Orton gets in the ring and brings Christian to the top. Orton superplexes Christian onto the table that’s flat in the ring. 2 count by Orton. Orton goes to set the table up but one of the legs are broken. Instead, he props it up in the corner. Christian fights back and drops Orton. Christian readies for a spear through the table. Orton leap frogs and he misses the spear.

Christian catches him and they go to the floor. Christian goes to throw Orton into the steps but he counters and whips Christian’s knees into them. Orton takes the steps apart and props one half of them against the side of the ring. Orton goes to slam Christian into them but he counters and Orton crashes head first into the steps. Christian drags Orton over to the Spanish announce table now.
Christian cracks Orton in the head with one of the monitors and lays him on top of the announce table. Christian lifts Orton and goes for an RKO through the table. Orton blocks it and hits his own RKO, sending he and Christian through the table. Orton has trouble getting to his feet. Christian crawls back to the ring now as does Orton. Christian blocks an RKO and hits Killswitch for a close 2 count.

Christian goes to ringside and brings 2 steel chairs back in the ring. Christian sets Orton up for a con-chair-to. Orton moves out of the way as Christian swings the chair. Orton grabs the chair and cracks Christian in the back with it. Christian ends up on the apron. Orton charges with the chair, connects and sends Christian flying through a table set up on the floor. Orton goes out to the floor and grabs the other half of the steel ring steps, pushing them in the ring. Orton throws a trash can, kendo stick and another weapon into the ring. Orton brings Christian back inside. Christian lays over the steel steps. Orton goes to stomp on his head but he moves. Orton misses a clothesline but powerslams Christian through a table that was set up in the corner. Orton grabs a kendo stick and wails away on Christian’s back. Orton catches him on the apron and sets up a trash can. Orton hits a second rope DDT on Christian, dropping his head on the trash can.

Orton drops to the mat now and gets ready as steel steps are between he and Christian. Orton readies for an RKO but Christian hits him with a kendo stick. Christian comes off the second rope with a cross body but Orton catches him in mid-air with an RKO on top of the steel steps. Orton covers for the pin, the win and the World Title.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

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