Vince McMahon

Vince McMahonWWE Chairman/CEO

General Info.
Real Name: Vincent Kennedy McMahon
Industry Debut: 1969
Wrestling Theme Song: "No Chance in Hell" by Peter Bursuker
Birthday: Aug. 24, 1945 (67-years-old)
Height/Weight: 6'1/245 lbs.
Billed From/Resides In: Greenwich, Connecticut
Major Title Reigns:
  • WWE Championship
  • ECW Championship
Wrestling Career Highlights::
  • Before he became the Chairman and CEO of the company now known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), he had early ambitions to follow his father's footsteps in the industry. Though his father was not happy with his son's decision to enter the business, McMahon made his debut as a ring-announcer on the World Wide Wrestling Federation's (WWWF)All-Star Wrestling program in 1969, a role he would continue until late 1997
  • While he was an on-screen figure selling the wrestlers to the audience watching at home, he was eventually transitioned into running the company known as WWE today by helping turn his father's Northeast terrritory into a national juggernaut
  • Became the chairman of the company in 1980 with his wife Linda, just four years before his father died in 1984
  • Despite tough competition from the other national promotion, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), in the 1990s, he and his team of creative team writers, including Vince Russo, turned his company into more of an edgy brand instead of the traditional, family-friendly environment the company had been for decades. The radical shift included the inclusion of sex and sexual innuendo, profanity, and more violence. The changes attracted a younger adult demographic, a shift which helped the company's flagship RAW program eventually overtake WCW's Nitro and eventually lead to the latter company's demise and McMahon's purchase of the company
  • Has had many memorable rivalries, including one of the most popular feuds in the company's history with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, which pitted the evil corporate boss versus a blue-collar-type figure
  • 1999 Royal Rumble winner
Other Career Highlights::
  • Tried to compete with the National Football League (NFL) in 2000 when he launched a rival football league called the XFL. Despite the backing by one of the-then most popular networks on television, NBC, the company only lasted one season in 2001 due to poor TV ratings
  • Expanded WWE Studios, the company's film division, in 2006 and launched movies such as See No Evil, The Marine, The Condemned, 12 Rounds, and Legendary. Although all the movies were promoted heavily on WWE programming, most of the films were a flop at the box office and eventually WWE started giving the movie releases limited weekend presentations at select theaters and shortly thereafter releasing it on DVD and Blu-ray
Personal Life:
  • Married Linda McMahon, who was WWE CEO until she decided to run for the United States Senate in 2010 and 2012, in Aug. 1966. The two have two children, Shane and Stephanie, both of whom have been seen on WWE television
  • Both McMahon and his wife made a reported $30 million in 2010 and $24.1 million in 2011, according to income tax returns released by Linda's Senate campaign. The family also have three homes ranging from $12-$40 million in Manhattan and their hometown of Greenwich
Social Media: Facebook
Official Roster Page: Vince McMahon

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